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SyntraEC, 90 Capsules, By Syntrax

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  • SyntraEC, 90 Capsules, By Syntrax

SyntraEC, 90 Capsules, By Syntrax

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SyntraEC 90 Capsules Syntrax - SyntraEC Agent Non-Hormonal - 90 Capsules

SyntraEC 90 Capsules Syntrax Syntra EC Non-Hormonal Agent contains the Russian breakthrough in orally active, non-hormonal, agents. Nontoxic, safe and highly effective, Syntra EC is nearly the perfect ergogenic aid. SyntraEC 90 Capsules in vertebrate studies, 20-hydroxyecdysterone has been shown to stimulate metabolism, enhance muscular function, optimize nerve activity and enhance erythropoiesis.

Syntrax SyntraEC - The Facts

What is SyntraEC? SyntraEC 90 Capsules SyntraEC contains the all-natural, healthy, non-hormonal, /ergogenic agent called 20-hydroxyecdysterone.

What is 20-hydroxyecdysterone? SyntraEC 90 Capsules 20-hydroxyecdysterone is a naturally occurring plant component that has been shown in studies to protect the liver, increase erythropoiesis (red blood cell production), increase protein synthesis in liver, muscle and nerve tissue, and increase whole body growth and health.

Is SyntraEC safe? SyntraEC 90 Capsules Yes! 20-hydroxyecdysterone can be used safely by men, women and children.

What is the proper dosage? SyntraEC 90 Capsules At least 500 mg per day of 20-hydroxyecdysterone is needed for a clear and noticeable effect. Three SyntraEC capsules per day provide 600 mg of 20-hydroxyecdysterone and 750 mg of total ecdysteroids.

What about the competition? SyntraEC 90 Capsules SyntraEC is the only 20-hydroxyecdysterone formula on the market that provides the necessary quantity of actives to achieve a noticeable effect.

Syntrax Qualities

Unrivaled Taste SyntraEC 90 Capsules All flavors are developed and approved in-house at SI03's headquarters. This approach allows them to produce products which consistently have an excellent taste profile

Unique, Effective Formulations SyntraEC 90 Capsules Over the years, SI03 has earned a remarkable reputation for its innovative formulations. By combining scientific and medical research with the best contemporary methods in herbal formulation and application, SI03 continues to offer the highest caliber products.

Proprietary, Cutting-edge Research SI03 works with several highly-skilled researchers who have accumulated decades of experience in developing natural, health-related products. With over 30 projects in the R&D pipeline and numerous patent applications, SI03 is the leader in producing the highest quality products on the market - both now and in the future.

Exceptional Raw Materials and Ingredients With its industry strength and outstanding international relationships, SI03 has the distinct ability to search the globe for the finest raw materials. Procuring ingredients from four continents, SI03 carefully selects herbs and nutrients which are manufactured under precise conditions.

Unrivaled Manufacturing SI03 produces its revolutionary formulas in one of the top manufacturing facilities of its kind in North America. This, combined with SI03's unwavering commitment to excellence, allow for unmatched production and quality control. SI03 is fully Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant.

Stringent Quality Control With frequent testing and strict quality control, Syntrax products have no equal. SI03 is so confident in the potency and efficacy of its products, that it back each one with a satisfaction guarantee for every retail customer.

About Syntrax This company was built with hard work and dedication. Syntrax brand products have been known for true innovation and exceptional quality. From fruit juice flavored proteins, to furostanolic saponins, to novel, powerful fat loss agents, to new and effective muscle volumizers, Syntrax brand sets the standard for original products that actually work. SI03 is a company that strives for high ideals. Every product is designed to be maximally effective using the highest quality ingredients available.

Syntrax's pricing strategy most importantly takes into consideration the consumer. Instead of charging the most they can for a product, their attitude is to find the lowest price possible while still allowing the company to be profitable. Syntrax takes pride in this philosophy. They urge everyone to compare the servings, ingredients and value of Syntrax brand products to any other competitor in the industry.

Syntrax's Future Moving forward, Syntrax's philosophy is to stay true to the core ideals of honesty, value, innovation and excellence. Whether it be a new fat-loss product, new flavors of protein or a new muscle builder, Syntrax's goal will always be the produce the best product at the best price.