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Covaxil Laboratories Trivestin, 56 Capsules

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  • Covaxil Laboratories Trivestin, 56 Capsules

Covaxil Laboratories Trivestin, 56 Capsules

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Manufacturer : Covaxil Laboratories
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With joint pain adversely affecting more than 80 million Americans, science continues its search for the “perfect” pain reliever. Materials that have the ability to affect the IL-1 Beta inflammatory compound, the COX-2 inflammatory enzyme, and the 5-LO inflammatory pathway are prime targets. For example, Celebrex,® the most popular prescription anti-inflammatory, has been shown to selectively inhibit the COX-2 enzyme (but not the 5-LO inflammatory pathway). Glucosamine, a dietary supplement widely used in the treatment of joint pain, is neither a selective COX-2 nor a selective 5-LO inhibitor (although it may have other benefits). Trivestin, a novel combination of plant extracts, singled out from more than 1,228 carefully screened candidate plants, was selected for its ability to block these established inflammatory enzymes and pathways. Because rigorous laboratory trials confirmed Trivestin’s proficiency in inhibiting gene expression of compounds that cause inflammation, pain, and joint degradation (including IL-1 Beta, COX-2, and 5-LO), it was predicted that Trivestin would not only reduce pain, but also preserve the integrity of joint tissue. To establish Trivestin’s safety and efficacy (and mitigate the subjective nature of pain relief) a clinical trial was designed to compare Trivestin to both placebo and Celebrex, a recognized standard.