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Bumps and Grinds, From Topco Sales

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  • Bumps and Grinds, From Topco Sales

Bumps and Grinds, From Topco Sales

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Manufacturer : Topco Sales
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Bumps and Grinds, From Topco Sales Bumps and Grinds is a hilarious drinking, stripping and candlelight game with a strip tease theme. The object of the game is to be the first player to lose his or her last article of clothing. Bumps and Grinds Game includes the following item: a game board, one deck of His and Hers Playing Cards, six pawns, two dice and one candle. The candle is for mood stimulation. The game involves each player taking a turn, rolling the dice and moving to the square indicated. Player then follows the directions on the square: remove articles of clothing, take a shot, or many other commands. In this game the winner is the loser of his or her clothing or like strip poker. Game is for two or more players. Bumps and Grinds is manufactured by Topco. Topco makes the World's best sex toys.