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Arginine Power, Amino Acids For Muscle, 100 Capsules, By Ultimate
Ultimate Nutrition

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  • Arginine Power, Amino Acids For Muscle, 100 Capsules, By Ultimate

Arginine Power, Amino Acids For Muscle, 100 Capsules, By Ultimate

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Arginine Power Promotes Muscle-Building By Increasing Levels Of Growth Hormones!

L-Arginine is a naturally-occurring basic amino acid which participates in many important biochemical reactions associated with the normal physiology of the organism. Arginine power is the purest form of L-Arginine produced by exclusive Fermapure TM technology. L-Arginine has several roles in the human body.

Body builders are especially benefited by L-Arginine, because of its effect on growth hormone levels. Research has shown that consumption of 1 to 2 grams of L-Arginine daily, with weight training, a greater decrease in body fat was obtained after only five weeks. L-Arginine is also a necessary amino acid to increase protein synthesis, which in turn promotes the cellular replication. Thus, Arginine helps people with inadequate numbers of certain cells. It is noteworthy that studies have found that men with low sperm counts experienced an increase in the number of sperms when they supplements with L-Arginine.

When L-Arginine metabolizes, it produces nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide keeps the blood vessels dilated, in turn helping the heart to receive an adequate oxygen supply. The Ability of L-Arginine to increase growth hormone and prolactin release, serve as a precursor for the muscle fuel creatine, and detoxify ammonia could provide a basis for enhanced performance.

To Summarize, the scientists at Ultimate Nutrition think that L-Arginine is an unbelievable amino acid that offers numerous benefits to the human body. Ultimate Nutrition's arginine power capsules are manufactured under strictest quality control to guarantee your satisfaction.