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Micronized GL3 L-Glutamine Powder, 1200 g, AST Sports Science
AST Sport Science

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  • Micronized GL3 L-Glutamine Powder, 1200 g, AST Sports Science

Micronized GL3 L-Glutamine Powder, 1200 g, AST Sports Science

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In search of harder, stronger muscles but feel like you've reached a plateau in your workout routine? Sometimes no matter how perfect your form is you still don't see the results that you want. There's a little bit of science behind getting that sculpted ripped body. During your workout your body burns through your reserve of nutrients and amino acids. Often times this leaves you depleted.

Sure, a proper healthy diet can help keep you fueled but not for those more intense workouts. If you want to see maximum results you know you have to push your self. You would have to be eating around the clock to get all the nutrients you need. That's just not economical with time or money. The best way to insure that you are getting the right amount of nutrients and essential elements is through supplements. But where to start?

Enter GL3-L
GL3-L helps you increase your muscles' hardness and strength as well as provide you with enhanced recovery.
That's where the science steps in. The makers at AST Sports Science have dedicated their development to producing high-quality products that are based on thorough research and technological advancements. The results are products that are based less in self-serving propaganda and centered more on healthy optimum results.

AST Sports Science has developed GL3-L, an amino acid supplement that is astonishing with its ability to synthesize protein. GL3-L helps you increase your muscles' hardness and strength as well as provide you with enhanced recovery. GL3-L is one of the best ways to supplement your routine through a product that comes from a lab with a strong foundation in creating cutting edge quality products.

What It Is
Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids in the body. Our muscles are responsible for about 90% of the Glutamine that is synthesized. One of the key things that Glutamine does for our bodies is release Nitrogen in to the muscle. Nitrogen is essential in providing the sort of anabolic processes that are responsible for muscle mass growth.

By increasing the amount of Glutamine that is in your system you are insuring that during your heavier workouts and training sessions you're going to be getting the fuel to help you run that extra mile, or add those extra weights to your next set. Glutamine is not something that you would have to supplement if you were just sitting around at home. The body typically gets enough of it through your foods. But when you're ripping through another workout, you need the supplement.

If your muscles don't get enough fuel, the results can be counterproductive and the muscles actually can start to deteriorate from having to burn up stored Energy. The best thing then is a product like GL3-L that is going to provide enough Glutamine to foot the bill of an intense session.

The Growth Hormone Factor
Perhaps you've heard some of the excitement in the bodybuilding market, or perhaps heard some talking about it at the gym, but GH (growth hormone) helps to regulate the metabolic processes. Protein synthesis is just one of these processes. As we get older though, sometime in the 30's, this important hormone starts to diminish, and our bodies essentially start to deteriorate.

The growth hormone is also responsible for the uptake of glucose. In recent studies done by the 'American Journal of Clinical Nutrition', the administration of 2 grams of Glutamine has the ability to increase the circulating levels of growth hormone beyond 430%! That's a pretty dramatic increase.

Not only are you going to reap the benefits that higher levels of Glutamine produce, you're going to be getting all those highly coveted physiological responses of an increase in growth hormone. The energy levels you had thought were depleted, the muscles you didn't think were going to get any harder or stronger, are all going to benefit from supplementing with Glutamine.

Give your body what you've been missing out on. GL3-L is easy to take. Just a couple teaspoons with some water or juice before and after your training session and you are set.