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Micronized GL3-750, 500 Capsules, AST Sports Science
AST Sport Science

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  • Micronized GL3-750, 500 Capsules, AST Sports Science

Micronized GL3-750, 500 Capsules, AST Sports Science

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When it's time to give your body the kind of superior muscle enhancement you desire, there isn't time to waste around with mixing different supplement cocktails and worrying about whether or not you forgot your powder mixture at home. Take the added stress of this away with GL3-750. This outstanding Glutamine supplement is now available in a capsule form.

That's right. This means no more having to measure or guess if you are getting the right dose. No more accidentally knocking over a whole container of supplement and consequentially losing it. You can throw some of these in your gym bag in a sealed container and know that you will always be prepared.

And with AST Sport's Science technological advancements they have made the glutamine that is inside each capsule an ultra-fast absorbing supplement so that it hits your body quicker and more efficiently than regular glutamine ever could. Take the extra work away from supplementing your workout, and give the capsule format a try. It's a lot easier!

What is Glutamine?
No matter what kind of workout you do, it's guaranteed that your body is burning through glutamine.
Glutamine is an amino acid that is responsible for protein synthesis in the muscles. Of all the amino acids that are found in our muscles, 61% of them are glutamine. This powerhouse of an amino acid is responsible for 35% of the nitrogen that enters the muscle.

Nitrogen helps provide the kind of anabolic processes that spark the kind of muscle maximizing growth and strength enhancing reps you are after every time you hit the gym. No matter what kind of workout you do, it's guaranteed that your body is burning through glutamine. For normal day to day activities you probably get enough of this amino acid, but when it comes time to get active and throw yourself into a body pushing workout that's going to test your limits, you're going to need the extra glutamine.

It's going to make your extra effort at the gym worth your time by providing your muscles with positive results from your workout.

Glutamine also has a knack at being able to speed up recovery time, so that you don't have to worry about muscle fatigue and exhaustion that can come from straining. You're going to be able to bounce back a lot quicker and get right back out there where you want to be: working on accomplishing your goals.

Growth Hormone
Recent studies have also concluded that supplementing with glutamine helps to increase the amount of growth hormone that is circulating in your body. Growth hormone is one of those amazing hormones that are highly coveted for its ability to increase muscle mass and overall Energy levels. This growth hormone makes you stronger and gets you pounding harder.

Unfortunately, as we age, usually in our 30's, the amount of this hormone that circulates in our system begins to decrease. This decrease in quantity can make you feel more sluggish, as well as make it more difficult for you to get the kind of gains you are after with your training. Glutamine jumps right in there and helps this hormone get to work. You'll be activating those muscles with more fuel than you've felt in a long time.

Advanced Delivery
Some might think that taking a capsule is going to take longer for the supplement to get into your bloodstream, but AST Sports Science has implemented new technology with how their glutamine is structured in GL30-750.

These capsules contain a state of the art Particle Micronization Technology (PMT). AST Sports Science is a company that stands their ground on producing goods that are based on scientific research. They also focus on the formulation of discovering new metabolic pathways for the implementation of supplements. The unique micronization does just that.

Every particle of GL3-750 is 20 times smaller than the kind of glutamine powder that is found in the mix form. These tiny particles are able to get into your body quicker and get right into the bloodstream where they can be delivered directly to the muscles where they need to be.

Boost your workout and optimize your results with glutamine. With GL30-750 you're getting the best quality glutamine available and in a convenient state of the art capsule format. Don't just dream about the results you could be attaining from your workout. Go there with GL30-750.