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Ultramet Original, Chocolate, 60 Packets, From Champion
Champion Nutrition

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  • Ultramet Original, Chocolate, 60 Packets, From Champion

Ultramet Original, Chocolate, 60 Packets, From Champion

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UltraMet Original-Vanilla High-Protein Meal Supplement by Champion Nutrition is the ideal way to begin your day. It may be used either as a meal replacement or just to give an added boost during the day. UltraMet Original-Vanilla is a high protein supplement low carbohydrate supplement that will help alleviate the crash felt after the wrong meal or after a strenuous workout.

Superior Ingredients
By acting as a catalyst to breaking down fat, lipotropics aid in bodybuilding.
UltraMet Original-Vanilla contains a special combination of high protein, low carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, lipotropics and is considered to be a low-glycemic supplement. Taurine has been added to UltraMet Original-Vanilla due to the fact that it stops oxidation stress to the body from exercise. L-Glutamine has been added as it aids in building muscle mass. L-Glutamine also helps in an array of serious diseases. It is considered to be the most important non-essential amino acid.

Lipotropics have been added to UltraMet Original-Vanilla. These are nutrients that help in the breakdown of fats and exporting them from different parts of the body, especially the liver. By acting as a catalyst to breaking down fat, lipotropics aid in bodybuilding. Choline is one commonly recognized lipotrope.

By mixing 7 different proteins, for a total of 42 grams of protein per serving, and a continuous source of amino acids throughout the body, Champion Nutrition has created a perfect blend of nutrients in their UltraMet Original-Vanilla. Complex carbohydrates aid in avoiding the crash or let-down often associated with working out. UltraMet Original-Vanilla has only 2 grams of fat per serving!

Boosts Focus and Performance
UltraMet Original-Vanilla is considered to be an ideal meal replacement. It contains all the nutrients your body needs when used according to directions. UltraMet Original-Vanilla may be used as a supplement, before or after a workout to give athletes the added boost they need. By giving muscles the nutrition they need, it also helps to boost well-being and to give focus. UltraMet Original-Vanilla can be used by senior citizens as well to help meet their nutrient requirements.

UltraMet Original-Vanilla contains only 280 calories per serving and only 30 of these are from fat. It is one of the low-glycemic high protein nutritional supplements created by Champion Nutrition to aid in losing weight while still feeling great. Or if athletes are simply looking for a convenient and delicious way to add protein to their workout, this is the source. The easily absorbent 42 grams per serving available in UltraMet Original-Vanilla will help to create additional muscle mass, while preserving and repairing current muscle. The added fat burning lipotropics will aid in creating lean mass.

Simple to Use
UltraMet Original-Vanilla High Protein Meal Supplement can be prepared by adding one packet to 12 to 15 oz of cold water and stirring. It will provide 80 percent of the protein required daily along with 50 percent of more than 18 vitamins and minerals. One to two servings per day is recommended, either as a meal replacement or as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

By following the information on the packaging and exercising users may expect to see results from UltraMet Original-Vanilla High Protein Meal Supplement. It has been formulated to give optimum results and maximum nutrition in a supplement that is palatable.