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Super Fat Burners, 60 Tablets, From Genesis Nutrition
Genesis Nutrition

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  • Super Fat Burners, 60 Tablets, From Genesis Nutrition

Super Fat Burners, 60 Tablets, From Genesis Nutrition

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Super Fat Burner is a mixture of natural ingredients and nutritional chemicals made in facilities following Good Manufacturing Practices.
Super Fat Burners is a powerful lipotropic supplement from Genesis Nutrition used to achieve weight loss and control diet. Super Fat Burner is a mixture of natural ingredients and nutritional chemicals made in facilities following Good Manufacturing Practices. The combination of nutritional minerals, amino acids and thermogenic herbs makes this supplement extremely effective in burning accumulated fats in the body and increasing Energy levels.

Natural Blend
Genesis Nutrition is known for its commitment to spread the benefits of Herbal supplements and uses natural ingredients wherever possible. Super Fat Burners is made from a natural fiber base of vegetables, digestive gums and citrus fibers that make it easy to assimilate.

It also contains traces of Uva Ursi Leaves, used as a traditional medicine for years to treat a variety of urinary tract diseases. Uva Ursi Leaves are known as effective astringents and Diuretics. It prevents accumulation of uric acid and is also known to be effective in treating diarrhea. It is anti-inflammatory in nature and helps in repairing damaged tissues. Uva Ursi Leaves help relax muscles after rigorous workouts.

Super Fat Burners:

Natural blend of nutrients and Amino Acids.
Lipotropic effect attacks accumulated fats.
Choline improves metabolic rates and burns stubborn fat.
Betaine assists the breakdown of fats during digestion.
Lysine improves the production of the body's natural hormone levels.Made in the USA.

Unique Lipotropic Ingredients
A Phosphatidylcholine in the supplement is responsible for choline formation in the body. This ammonium salt improves neurotransmitting abilities and structural integrity of cell membranes. Choline is widely used to treat conditions of anxiety, hypertension, Alzheimer's disease, depression, cognitive conditions, liver conditions, hepatitis and even neurological disorders. In Super Fat Burners, Choline formation also implies better metabolic rates and burning of accumulated fats.

Betaine HCl is beneficial is reducing homocysteine levels in blood that ensure better cardiovascular health. It is also known to be helpful in treatment of several physical conditions such as anemia, indigestion and asthma. The HCl formed in the digestive system as a result of Betaine intake also helps breakdown of proteins and fats during the digestion process.

Di- Methionine, another key component of this supplement is also known for its ability to break down fats. This is a lipotropic amino acid and is also a key participant in the formation of Creatine in the body, and aids in releasing energy.

Lysine is effective in enhancing function of certain hormones such as growth hormones. Lysine is also beneficial in improving the overall immunity of the body. The Inositol and other B complex vitamins component of the supplement is instrumental in improving metabolic rates and decreasing fat formation in the body.

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that builds lean muscle mass and prevents fat accumulation. Chromium Picolinate is also an effective fat burner.

Super Fat Burners combines all the prevalent fat burner supplements and ingredients in one supplement and provides fast and effective results. The herbal blend adds safety and efficiency and provides the health conscious individual with the best of both worlds.