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Xtreme Shock, Grape, 250 Grams, From ANSI

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  • Xtreme Shock, Grape, 250 Grams, From ANSI

Xtreme Shock, Grape, 250 Grams, From ANSI

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Advanced Muscle Science Xtreme Shock
Extreme Shock drink is a drink that was created solely for the purpose of giving you energy while allowing you to really build up muscle faster and stronger.
Energy drinks come in so many different varieties these days that there can be quite a bit of difficulty in finding one that is right for you. From Advanced Muscle Science, the same innovative designers that have been on the forefront of pro testosterone/ hormonal regulation for over twenty years now, comes a maximum energy performance drink that will have you hooked for life after you take your first swig. Extreme Shock drink is a drink that was created solely for the purpose of giving you energy while allowing you to really build up muscle faster and stronger. Extreme Shock drink will have you on the fast track to gaining peak performance for whatever physical challenge you are geared up for and ready to take on.

What's So Great About It?
Not only does the Xtreme Shock drink deliver a wallop of immediate incredible energy, it does so with ZERO sugar, low carbs, and low sugar! In a market that is full of drinks that give you quick short bursts of energy through high caffeine and sugar levels, the presence of Xtreme Shock is a refreshing advancement that also includes some well thought out necessities when shopping for the perfect energy drink.

For starters Xtreme Shock drink was specifically engineered to help you build up new muscle in a stronger more efficient manner. As well as helping control the amount of lactic acid which is formed when working out intensely, Xtreme Shock drink increases the amount of ATP that is produced in the body. Both of these things in conjunction with one another help keep you from feeling that intense muscle soreness that can follow prolonged physical exertion.

Ready When You Are
One of the great things about carrying Xtreme Shock drink with you is that it takes as little as 15 minutes to enter your system. So whatever task you are getting ready to take on, whether it's the gym, or mountain climbing, you can pack these drinks with you and have one ready when you are. No need to try and stay on a regime with them, Xtreme Shock drinks will keep you going for hours. And, because there is zero sugar, low carbs and little calories, you won't be experiencing that big crash that follows most typical Energy Drinks. This truly is one drink that you will want to stick with, and with the variety of flavors there is no need to worry about getting tired of the same routine. Xtreme Shock is ready to take on your adventurous life.

A Brave New World
With the incredible energy boost that you will get from Xtreme Shock you'll be prepared to get out there faster and stronger. The unique formula helps increase muscle contraction which means you will actually feel the immediate strength gains. Leave it up to the makers of such strong Anabolic Solutions to come up with an energy drink that truly delivers. The creators that made this spend their time focusing on how they can help you develop muscle in a more efficient, progressive manner, and they have incorporated the same steadfastness inside of this bottle. Xtreme Shock takes your training to a whole new frontier, one that leaves sugary drinks for the movie theatre, not life's gym.

Feel the rush in 15 minutes! Xtreme Pump. Xtreme Strength. Xtreme Vascularity. Xtreme Energy. Xtreme Stamina. Xtreme Recovery. Xtreme Focus. Xtreme Beta-Alanine/N.O./Kre-Alkalyn Muscle Pump & Strength Amplifier. Zero sugar.