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House Of David Up Your Gas (Ma Huang Free) 60 Tab

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  • House Of David Up Your Gas (Ma Huang Free) 60 Tab

House Of David Up Your Gas (Ma Huang Free) 60 Tab

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Up Your Gas by Hot Stuff Nutritionals is a unique blend of Energy enhancing ingredients and herbs such as Green tea, taurine, Acai and vitamin B12. This product is easy to add to your normal diet as it is sold in tablet form.

Boost Your Energy Levels
Metabolic stimulants boost the rate that the body burns calories and decrease feelings of fatigue.
The reasons that the body suffers from low energy levels is due to a combination of genetics, eating habits, environmental pollution and stress, which is the main drain on energy. Bad eating habits is easily formed due to the busy pace of every day, rushing from one place to another, never getting the time to sit down for a well balanced healthy meal, so we grab a greasy burger or some other fast food alternative, which does not help to boost your energy levels. In many cases the solution to combating fatigue or low energy levels is to take a multivitamin or an Herbal energy booster such as Up Your Gas.

Inactivity has also been associated with developing fatigue, watching TV for hours or playing endless computer games, or even working for long hours in front of the computer screen can lead to a different kind of fatigue, and one of the best ways to combat that is to do physical exercise. If you do not have the energy for exercise, Up Your Gas will give you a kick start.

Helpful Herbs
Herbs that help boost energy levels can be broadly classified into four different groups: tonics, adaptogens, circulatory stimulants, and metabolic stimulants.

Tonics are generally mild products that do not have noteworthy contraindications or nasty side-effects and they optimize or promote bodily and metabolic processes.

Adaptogens enhance the ability of the body to cope with and adapt to stress, be it physical or psychological. These herbs increase the time it normally takes the body to become fatigued, and reduces the time needed for recovery after the stressful period. The adaptogens are also not associated with significant side effects.

Circulatory stimulants promote blood flow to the extremities; the hands, feet and the head. Problems associated with circulation include memory loss, fatigue and the inability of the body to regulate its temperature. The herbs in this category are also safe to use within limits.

Metabolic stimulants boost the rate that the body burns calories and decrease feelings of fatigue. Up Your Gas contain caffeine obtained from Green Tea Extract, kola nut among other ingredients. Studies all from all over the world have shown that caffeine is useful to alleviate the signs of fatigue, it is not important what the source or the caffeine is.

Go with Green Tea
Green tea has about a third of the amount of caffeine that can be found in regular coffee, and it is recommended that limit the use of caffeine as a stimulant to short periods. Green tea, however also has L-theanine that reduces the harmful effects of caffeine. It reduces insomnia and the jitters associated with taking caffeine. L-theanine also improves memory and enhances concentration abilities.