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Twinlab Power Fuel Powder 800 Mg

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  • Twinlab Power Fuel Powder 800 Mg

Twinlab Power Fuel Powder 800 Mg

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Manufacturer : Twinlab
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This pre-workout intensity magnifier helps amplify Energy and muscle mass gains with an infusion of Creatine and Glutamine peptides in combination with other sustained release energy boosting compounds. Power Fuel from Twinlab is a powder formula that turns a simple glass of water into a powerful pre-workout energy drink that helps you achieve lean muscle mass gains. The instant release of energy and stamina inducing muscle fuel is designed to fight fatigue instantaneously and help you ride the wave of this peak state of performance for the duration of your training. Easily turn any workout into your best workout with the increase in muscle pump and ATP replenishment that Power Fuel provides.

Power Fuel:

Pre-Workout Power and Strength Intensifier.
Powder Formula.
Creatine Matrix.
Glutamine Peptides.
Better Muscle Pump for Strength Gains.
Sustained Release Formula.
Replenishes ATP for Sustained Energy.
Low Sugar, Low Carb, Low Calorie.

Glutamine Propels Muscle Development
Glutamine in Power Fuel helps athletes enhance recovery times by making sure that the body doesn't fall out of nutritional balance by becoming Glutamine deficient.
Glutamine, which is a non-essential amino acid, is an important component behind the fuel that Power Fuel provides. Glutamine helps sustain energy levels and prevents muscle fatigue by being one of the primary sources that muscles utilize during periods of intense training. This is also an important amino acid for those that may be following a calorie-restricted, or low-carb diet. Not only does Glutamine fuel muscles, it helps promote the development of lean muscle tissue. Those on hardcore diets understand that maintaining muscle mass is important. The same applies for athletes and bodybuilders. It's important to make sure the body is getting all of the necessary bodybuilding elements to turn all the hard sweat into muscle gains. Glutamine in Power Fuel helps athletes enhance recovery times by making sure that the body doesn't fall out of nutritional balance by becoming Glutamine deficient.

Sustained Release
A specialized four-carb blend in Power Fuel helps keep energy levels balanced and running at accelerated rates for the duration of your training. Power Fuel also contains a unique Fuel Management System that ensures the body is constantly maintaining ATP levels and sustainable electrolyte profiles. The combination allows you train longer, hit harder, and bounce back quicker. To top all of this off, Twinlab has thrown a Formula52 Intensity Generator into Power Fuel blend. This exclusive mixture magnifies muscle pump and helps you maintain your motivation and drive while you experience extended sets with more explosive reps.

Pre-Training Exercise Activator. Formula 52 Intensity Generator. Intensifies Focus. Ignites Strength & Size Gains. Sustains Energy. Intensity Generator 4.2g. Sustained Energy Matrix 5g. Strength & Power Activators 1.5g. Inspired by the passion of legendary football star Ray Lewis, this pre-training formula is designed to help you get in ‘the ZONE'-the perfect intersection of intensity, strength, stamina, focus and electric energy that helps you achieve a maximum state of peak performance. Become Power Fuel. Fuel for the Driven. Promotes Pump. Boosts Performance. Fights Fatigue. 3g Sugars. Clinically Tested Ingredients. Aspartame Free. Strength & Power Activator: Saturates muscles with growth-promoting creatine matrix+glutamine peptides. Sustained Release Energy: Infuses our proprietary four-carbohydrate blend for extended energy. Fuel Management System: Delivers on-demand electrolyte and energy (ATP) replenishment. Formula 52 Intensity Generator: Rapidly triggers increase intensity, focus, stamina and pump.