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Metabolife, Chocolate Chunk, 16 oz. From Twinlab

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  • Metabolife, Chocolate Chunk, 16 oz. From Twinlab

Metabolife, Chocolate Chunk, 16 oz. From Twinlab

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Slender Satisfaction Shake by MetaboLife Metabolife Chocolate Chunk MetaboLife Slender Satisfaction Shake Chocolate Chunk 0.81 lbs. (368 g)

MetaboLife Slender Satisfaction Shake Chocolate is a weight management shake, made for women with a whey and soy protein blend. MetaboLife utilizes a dual approach to help you feel full, with a low glycemic index. Slend Satisfaction is a delicious snack and perfect addition to any weight loss program. Metabolife Slender Satisfaction is a unique, delicious protein shake formulated especially for women as an in-between meal option to help curb appetite and avoid unhealthy snacks. Metabolife knows that everyone has their own approach to weight management. Metabolife Slender Satisfaction gives you just one more way to make your program work. Metabolife Chocolate Chunk It can be consumed while taking other Metabolife products or as part of any healthy diet program. This shake is formulated to give you a healthy amount of protein and fiber, without going overboard. MetaboLife pairs that with the added benefits of Slendesta to help you feel full, so you are more likely to stay on track with your weight management plan.

Metabolife Slender Satisfaction takes a two pronged approach to feel full, with a blend of whey and soy proteins along with fiber to help satisfy hunger, and Slendesta, a natural ingredient derived from potato starch that has been clinically shown to help you feel full sooner and longer. Whey protein is one of the highest quality proteins and with one of the highest protein efficiency ratios, providing a better amino acid profile than most other proteins. The soy protein found in Slender Satisfaction is also effective for building muscle, and provides beneficial soy isoflavones. Unlike a lot of the muscle-building shakes on the market that are loaded with large servings of protein, Metabolife Slender Satisfaction gives you a healthy amount of protein (10 grams per serving) without going overboard. Metabolife Chocolate Chunk To further support your efforts to be a healthier more vibrant you, Metabolife Slender Satisfacton also has biotin and other nutrients that help support skin, hair and nails.

Metabolife Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? Combine Metabolife’s easy two-stage program with the services of MLifeSupport to help reach your goals.

Choose the stage and product best suited to your needs. Use the free tools and services of MLifeSupport to support your efforts and drive you toward success.

ULTRA • GREEN TEA • CAFFEINE FREE These core products contain ingredients clinically shown to help fuel your weight loss efforts. To maximize the results of a healthy diet and exercise routine, pair up with Stage 1 Metabolife products Metabolife Chocolate Chunk.

BREAK THROUGH • EXTREME ENERGY These products are designed to take you beyond initial weight loss. There are various issues that people experience once they start losing weight. For some, in response to weight loss, your body may go into survival mode, thus signaling your metabolism to slow down. For others, you may find that decreased caloric intake during dieting may sometimes make you feel fatigued. Metabolife created Stage 2 products to address these issues to help you achieve your weight management goals.

Should I take a multivitamin while using Metabolife? Sometimes when people start a diet program, it takes a while before they are able to find a balanced diet with the right calories and nutrients. Taking a multivitamin is a great safety net to ensure that you are not deficient of any needed vitamins Metabolife Chocolate Chunk.

What is the difference between Metabolife products?

Do I have to exercise or be on a diet for Metabolife to work? Metabolife always recommends pairing our products with a healthy diet and exercise program. We are committed to your health and know that the benefits of healthy eating and exercise go far beyond weight loss.

Is there a difference between the "old" and new Metabolife™ products? There are a few key changes that we have made to help improve certain Metabolife products and the Metabolife program.

The two stages of Metabolife products help you to select the right product for your stage in weight management Metabolife Ultra, our most popular product, has been improved and now includes Co-enzyme Q10, which delivers sustained energy without increasing caffeine levels.

How does the book "The Metabolife Story: The Rape of Cinderella" relate to the current Metabolife? The book is written by Michael J. Ellis, one of the original founders and a former CEO of Metabolife International, Inc., the company which for many years owned the Metabolife brand. Mr. Ellis’ book has no direct relation to the current Metabolife brand, which under the new ownership of ISI Brands since 2005 is a top consumer source for safe and effective weight management products, all ephedra-free. Today, Metabolife products, made and sold by ISI Brands, are the newest science and contain no ephedra. Consumers can trust in the safety and efficacy of Metabolife products including: Metabolife Ultra, Metabolife Caffeine Free, Metabolife Green Tea, Metabolife Extreme Energy, Metabolife Break Through and Metabolife AquaSlim.

Today’s highly effective Metabolife products have been formulated and are singularly focused on providing consumers with the best possible weight management solutions. The Metabolife line includes specialized formulas for weight loss, including Metabolife Ultra, and a new patent pending, clinically tested formula shown to increase metabolism for at least 8 weeks after initial weight loss to help continue your weight loss success, Metabolife Break Through. The Metabolife brand today, is not a part of the continuing debate between Mr. Ellis and the regulators over ephedra. Metabolife Chocolate Chunk Metabolife products are made from the finest ingredients, all recognized as safe by scientific and expert review. Today’s ephedra-free Metabolife products are the best ever and available online, and in supercenters, drugstores and fine retailers across America.

ISI Brands, the owner of Metabolife, has a research and development group with a 40+ year history in putting efficacious products in the marketplace. ISI Brands also produces and markets a full family of products for all lifestyles and ages of consumers from prenatal to aging, for athletes and those with a range of health conditions. Look for Twinlab, Alvita Teas, Nature’s Herbs, TeaZen, and Dr. Greene products at the finest retailers everywhere.

Where can I find Metabolife 356? Metabolife 356 is no longer manufactured, and in fact was never manufactured by IdeaSphere Inc. Metabolife 356 was an ephedra product that at one time was manufactured by a company called Metabolife International Inc., which stopped making the product in December 2003. The FDA subsequently banned products containing ephedra in 2004.

IdeaSphere has never sold any products containing ephedra. Since there were also a number of very high-quality Metabolife products that did not contain ephedra, however, IdeaSphere purchased substantially all of the non-ephedra assets of Metabolife International Inc. in late 2005. Since that time, IdeaSphere has continued to manufacture and sell a full line of non-ephedra Metabolife brand products

Supplement Facts Serving Size: 2 Scoops (23 g) Servings Per Container: 16

Other Ingredients: Whey protein concentrate and isolate (from milk), digestive resistant maltodextrin, natural and artificial chocolate flavors, soy protein isolate, guar/xanthan gum blend (guar gum, xanthan gum), silica, medium chain triglycerides, Slendesta potato extract (tubers), biotin, bromelain, papain, zinc gluconate, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, soy lecithin.

Metabolife Chocolate Chunk Suggested Use Add 2 scoops to at least 8 oz. of cold water or milk. Stir or shake until dispersed. Consume 1-2 servings daily as a snack 60 minutes before meals. For best results, use as part of a proper diet and exercise program.

Metabolife Chocolate Chunk Warnings Do not use if pregnant or nursing. If you are taking any medication or have any medical condition, consult a physician before using this product.