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Creatine Nitrate3 Fuel, Fruit Punch, 4.2 lbs, From Twinlab

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  • Creatine Nitrate3 Fuel, Fruit Punch, 4.2 lbs, From Twinlab

Creatine Nitrate3 Fuel, Fruit Punch, 4.2 lbs, From Twinlab

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Manufacturer : Twinlab
UPC : 027434022835
Manufacturer Part #: 191448
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Dietary Supplement. 10G CreaTx Plus Insulin Potentiating Factors (IPFS). Creatine Saturation Technology. Fruit Punch-natural & artificial flavors. Featuring nitrate pump complex Nitric Oxide Precursor. Natural & artificial flavors. The Science Behind the Size: Product-10g CreaTx, an exclusive blend of Creatine Monohydrate and Creatine Magnesium Chelate, combined with precise Insulin potentiating factors: a multi-stage carb blend (to promote a rapid rise/steady fall in Insulin), cell volumizing agents (Glutamine Peptides) and a patent-pending Insulin enhancing agent (Cinnulin PF); plus our proprietary NitratePump Complex. Result-greater creatine saturation of the muscles to promote increased muscle mass, muscle strength and athletic performance. Science-research suggests the ingredients contained in Creatine Nitrate3 Fuel help upregulate Insulin effects and Insulin sensitivity, the key regulators of Creatine transport into the muscle. The specialized multi-stage carb blend, consisting of dextrose/maltose (a high-glycemic index insulin-promoting carb), maltodextrin (glucose polymers) and trehalose (a low-glycemic index), optimizes Creatine saturation.