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ProStar Whey Protein, Vanila, 5 lbs, From Ultimate
Ultimate Nutrition

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  • ProStar Whey Protein, Vanila, 5 lbs, From Ultimate

ProStar Whey Protein, Vanila, 5 lbs, From Ultimate

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Manufacturer : Ultimate Nutrition
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ProStar Whey Protein Vanila Ultimate Nutrition - Platinum Series ProStar 100% Whey Protein Vanilla Creme - 5.28 lbs. (2.39 KG)

To meet the needs of athletes, researchers at Ultimate Nutrition have developed Ultimate Nutrition ProstarWhey with all the essential and nonessential amino acids to build muscle after intense exercise of both short and long duration. It is a customized whey that is isolated by a complex low temperature processing system that utilizes a proprietary micro and ultra filtration process to ensure the highest quality whey protein.Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey contains all the whey protein fractions such as Beta Lactoglobulin, Alpha Lactalbumin, Glycomacropeptide, Immunoglobulins, Proteose Peptones, Serum Albumin, Lactoferrin andLactoperoxidase.

ProStar Whey Protein Vanila Great Tasting Delicious Whey Protein Shake

25 Grams of Protein Mixes Instantly Over 6 Grams of BCAAs Low Fat

ProStar Whey Protein Vanila Since exercise can take a toll on the immune system, Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey is the nutritionalprotein shake of choice for those who lead an active lifestyle. Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey is not just forthe athlete however. It supports muscle maintenance, buildup and toning for anyone from weekend warriorsto hardcore bodybuilders. Furthermore, it provides wholesome support for compromised or wasting muscledue to advancing years. Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey is the nutrition for the champions, no matter whatyour goals are!

About Ultimate Nutrition ProStar Whey Protein Vanila Ultimate Nutrition was founded in 1979 by Victor H. Rubino. At the time Victor was one of the top amateur power lifters in the United States. Driven by a goal to become the best, Victor knew that supplements were the key to improving his performance through increased strength and faster recovery. Not satisfied with the current supplements that were available to him the 1970's and being a biochemist himself, Victor decided to launch his own company Ultimate Nutrition. Victor's goal was to create high quality, thoroughly researched products at an affordable price for everyone.

In the late 1970's and early 1980's Ultimate Nutrition was among the first companies to have Amino Acid tablets, protein powders, carbohydrate powders, and various types of Fat Burners. By the late 1980's and early 1990's Ultimate Nutrition launched several legendary products such as Sports Energizer, an electrolyte fueled ready to drink beverage that came in 10 flavors and in a glass bottle.ProStar Whey Protein Vanila.

By the mid 1990's Ultimate Nutrition again was on the cutting edge as Ultimate Nutrition was one of the first companies to come out with Whey Protein powder in a bottle. Today, Ultimate Nutrition continues to excel with a wide range of products including Iso Mass Xtreme Gainer, ProStar Whey, Muscle Juice 2544, GlutaPure, Protein Isolate, Iso Sensation 93, Amino 2000, Ultra Ripped, Horse Power, and now Hyper Start. Hyper Start is a revolutionary condensed pre-workout supplement designed to increase energy, endurance, and stamina, resulting in increased strength and muscle building gains.ProStar Whey Protein Vanila.

Sadly, Victor Rubino passed away in March 2003 at 48 years young. However, Ultimate Nutrition is still owned and operated by the Rubino family to this day. Ultimate Nutrition's commitment to Victor's vision remains the same, to create high quality, highly researched products at an affordable price for everyone.ProStar Whey Protein Vanila.