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X-Factor Advanced, 100 Softgels, From Molecular Nutrition
Molecular Nutrition

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  • X-Factor Advanced, 100 Softgels, From Molecular Nutrition

X-Factor Advanced, 100 Softgels, From Molecular Nutrition

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Manufacturer : Molecular Nutrition
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Supports Increased Muscle Mass and Strength. X-Factor Advanced-Taking Arachidonic Acid to the Next Level! X-Factor Advanced has been enhanced with several key ingredients to help amplify arachidonic acid's potency. By making each milligram more effective, a greater level of muscle growth can be supported in a shorter period of time. This task was accomplished by increasing the availability, uptake and active conversion of acachidonic acid. Bioavailability: The stability and bioavailability of arachidonic acid are increased in X-Factor Advanced. This enables more of this important nutrition to survive the first pass through the digestive system and reach the muscle tissue intact. Cellular Uptake: The cellular uptake and membrane stability of arachidonic acid have been enhanced. With more of this fatty acid pulled into and stored in the outer layer of the muscle cells, more will be available to stimulate key anabolic pathways after eac training session. Enzyme Support: After intense training, arachidonic acid must be metabolized to active biochemicals before it can support muscle anabolism. By reducing the metabolism of arachidonic acid by unwanted enzyme pathways, more of this nutrition is available for conversion to series 2 prostaglandins, thereby increasing the anabolic response. X-Factor Advanced combines clinically the proven power of arachidonic acid with new deliver y and utilization technology that only the science of William Llewellyn and Molecular Nutrition can bring you. X-Factor Advanced is simply the most powerful muscle building supplement available anywhere! X-Factor Advanced Proprietary Anabolic Formula: Arasyn 40% Arachidonic Acid Oil in a Proprietary Fatty Acid/Oil Blend, Ultra Purified Omega-3 Concentrated Fish Oil, Boswellia Serrata Resin 18%.