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Inositol Powder, 2 oz. From Vitalabs

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  • Inositol Powder, 2 oz. From Vitalabs

Inositol Powder, 2 oz. From Vitalabs

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Inositol helps maintain the signal transduction that takes place between cells.
Inositol Powder by Vitalabs is a dietary supplement to help support and promote brain wellness. Inositol helps maintain the signal transduction that takes place between cells. Because Inositol works on a cellular level it not only is a natural way to keep the brain healthy, it is good for a variety of physiological exchanges. Inositol supplements are often used in conduction with Choline to help prevent hair loss. Men have experienced a decrease in amount of hair loss after supplementing with Inositol alone. Inositol Powder from Vitalabs provides 500mg of Inositol powder in each serving.

Inositol Powder:

Help Support Healthy Brain Activity.
Help Support Focus and Mental Clarity.
Functions on a Cellular Level to Maintain Signal Transduction.
Used to Safely Eliminate Excess Iron.
Often Used to Help Decrease Hair Loss.
500 mg of Inositol from Corn in Each Serving.
100% Pure Crystalline.

Focus and Clarity
One of the top reasons that Inositol is used is to help increase mental focus and acuity. Because of the signal transduction that Inositol helps improve within the cell membranes a more proper amount of nutrients can be transferred. Not only does this help improve nutrient uptake in the brain it also helps assist in the transfer of electrical signals within the brain.

This natural approach to improving cognitive health is an important aspect to healthy living. Inositol Powder is made from a 100% Pure Crystalline formula to ensure the highest quality available.

Powerful Antioxidant and Removes Excess Iron
Inositol is commonly used to help remove excess iron from the body. This property of Inositol is important for bodybuilders and athletes that can sometimes accumulate too much iron from the supplements and whole foods which they consume.

Excess iron levels can amount to many different health risks. Among the top are blood disorders and heart problems. Not only can Inositol help monitor high iron levels, it also serves as a powerful antioxidant. Inositol, even though it is not a vitamin in and of itself, is considered to be part of the B-Vitamin group.

This group of vitamins plays an important role in the health of cell membranes, including those within the brain. Because of Inositol's large role in helping assist healthy brain activity, along with its chemical composition as a normal isomer of glucose, it is grouped with B-Vitamins. Take Inositol to help support Brain Health and Cellular Integrity.

Dietary Supplement. 100% Pure Crystaline. The natural choice.