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Mega-2, 30 Tablets, From Vitalabs

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  • Mega-2, 30 Tablets, From Vitalabs

Mega-2, 30 Tablets, From Vitalabs

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Manufacturer : Vitalabs
UPC : 092617066616
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Multi-vitamins like Mega-2 help fill in the nutritional voids that are often times impossible to alleviate through healthy eating alone.
Taking a multi-vitamin is an important aspect of aging gracefully. It is also a necessary component to the best workout and weight loss program. Mega-2 is a sustained-release multi-vitamin supplement from Vitalabs that provides a once-daily serving of essential vitamins, minerals, and other essential trace elements. Keeping the body trim and tone requires a complete palate of whole foods and healthy eating. Typically any diet comes equipped with its own nutritional gaps. Multi-vitamins like Mega-2 help fill in the nutritional voids that are often times impossible to alleviate through healthy eating alone. Mega-2 is perfect for everyday active lifestyles, as well as strong enough to handle the nutritional demands of bodybuilders and weight lifters.


Complete Once-Daily Multi-Vitamin.
Contains Essential Vitamins, Minerals, and Trace Elements.
Contains Inositol for Increased Mental Focus and Acuity.
Chromium Helps Facilitate Insulin and Keeps Skin Looking Healthy.
Niacin Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Circulation.Sustained-Release Formula.

Inositol Supports Brain Health
Among the many trace elements in multi-vitamin Mega-2 is Inositol. This compound, sometimes grouped with B-Vitamins despite the fact that it technically is not a vitamin, helps improve the transport of Energy across cellular membranes. Inositol is especially sufficient in achieving this result within the brain. This helps support healthy brain activity such as increasing mental focus and aids in improving memory.

Along with its usage for improving mental focus, Inositol is often times used in combination with Choline, which Mega-2 contains, for the treatment and prevention of hair-loss. These two ingredients can help stop hair-loss and have been shown to strengthen hair and naturally improve hair shine and quality.

An important ingredient to any multi-vitamin is Chromium. Chromium has many different health benefits as it functions to help lower body fat, increase metabolism, and most importantly helps facilitate insulin control. The important relationship that Chromium has with insulin has been shown to help increase the appearance of healthy looking skin.

Taking a chromium supplement to get rid of wrinkles is growing in popularity as more and more physicians realize the link between stabilized blood sugar levels and the appearance of youthful skin. A daily multi-vitamin like Mega-2 that contains Chromium can help deliver the small amount of Chromium needed for beneficial results.

With the sustained release development of Mega-2, Vitalabs has made it simple and easy with a once-a-day multi-vitamin formula to stay on the path of healthy living.

Multi Vitamin/Mineral Supplement. Dietary supplement. Do not use if safety seal is damaged or missing. Store in a cool, dry place.