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Eat-Smart, Double Vanilla, 2 lbs, From Isatori
iSatori Global

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  • Eat-Smart, Double Vanilla, 2 lbs, From Isatori

Eat-Smart, Double Vanilla, 2 lbs, From Isatori

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Manufacturer : iSatori Global
UPC : 883488001451
Manufacturer Part #: 2520056
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Superior Ingredients. Superior Taste. A Superior Protein Nutrition Shake. Your body deserves the best, so that's my guarantee to you. If, for whatever reason, you don't find our Eat-Smart to be the most nutritionally superior AND best-tasting protein shake you've ever tried, I'll gladly refund every penny of your purchase price. That's because Eat-Smart is much more than some inferior protein drink that hides its primary protein source inside a “blend,” doesn't include important macronutrients like whole-food carbs, and lacks added fiber, vitamins, minerals, Flax, probiotics, and enzymes. Eat-Smart is a complete and wholesome advanced protein nutrition shake that's sure to supply your body with the necessary nutrients to feed muscle, starve fat, and help you build a better body, without sacrificing indulgent taste. Powered by Whey Protein Hydrolysates. Absorbs Faster & Better for Superior Results! Easy To Mix! Eat-Smart can be enjoyed before or after workouts, for breakfast, prior to bedtime, or anytime you need more protein. What Does It Mean To Eat Smart? Each delicious Eat-Smart shake helps you… Build Lean Muscle: Highest quality proteins from fast-absorbing whey isolates and Hydrolysates + slow-releasing casein proteins provide a constant supply of growth-enhancing amino acids. Feel Full/Control Appetite: Oat beta-glucans from Nutrim + Fibersol-2 resistant fiber help reduce total cholesterol and make you feel fuller for longer. Recover Faster: Over 4g of BCAAs and 8g of EAAs + 3g of Glutacel Glutamine and peptides trigger protein synthesis and enhance your immune system to recover faster. Enjoy Complete Bioavailabity: Added probiotics + digestive enzymes aid in full absorption and provide intestinal health for complete stomach comfort. Live Healthier: Absolutely No fructose, aspartame, corn syrups, hydrogenated oil, or unhealthy fats! Indulge Your Taste Buds: Outrageously delicious flavor means you get to enjoy a rich, creamy milk-shake taste, every time!