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WAR, Berry Attack, 600 Grams, From MRI

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  • WAR, Berry Attack, 600 Grams, From MRI

WAR, Berry Attack, 600 Grams, From MRI

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This combination helps the body gain muscle mass, enhance recovery, and makes it easier to lose body fat.
MRI WAR stands for Workout Anabolic Recovery. MRI WAR is an intra/post workout recovery body building supplement, designed to help you get the most out of your workouts. WAR does this by fulfilling the three most basic needs of the body during or after an intense workout. WAR replenishes Glycogen supply, brings back a positive nitrogen balance, and refuels important amino acid levels. This combination helps the body gain muscle mass, enhance recovery, and makes it easier to lose body fat.


Heat Shock Recovery-Acceleration Technology causes Optimal Glycogen Restoration.
Forces the muscles into a Positive Nitrogen Balance.
Crea-Charge Creatine clinically proven to be 29% more bioavailable than other creatine supplements
AARM Amino Acid blend and Glutamine blend maximize cellular function by keeping muscles fueled

Enhance Recovery
After a grueling training session, glycogen, glucose, and Glutamine stores are depleted. This forces the body into a catabolic state, breaking down your muscles to use as an Energy source. To prevent this, WAR employs a 50/50 blend of MM500 and waxy maize to replenish glycogen stores. This helps preserve muscle mass from being broken down in the recovery stage of strength training.

WAR's revolutionary Heat Shock Activation Technology targets Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) speed up the muscles response to training. The body begins working almost immediately to repair the muscle tissue broken down during workout. This helps improve performance when building muscle mass.

Amino Acid Blend
WAR's special proprietary blend of amino acids known as Amino Acid Ratio of Muscle (AARM) makes sure that muscles get the right amount and ratio of amino acids for optimum growth. AARM contains a ratio of amino acids identical to that found in human muscle. This ratio helps propel the body during any lean muscle cycle to build trim and tone, ultimate muscle.

In order to make sure that the muscles get the maximum amount of nutrients, WAR contains Crea-Charge Creatine. This advanced formula of Creatine is 29% more bio-available than other creatine products. Creatine helps increase the cellular volume of muscles and provides greater nutrient uptake.