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WAR, Berry Attack, 600 Grams, From MRI

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  • WAR, Berry Attack, 600 Grams, From MRI

WAR, Berry Attack, 600 Grams, From MRI

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WAR Berry Attack MRI: Medical Research Institute WAR Workout Recovery Berry Attack provides a new "Heat Shock" recovery-acceleration technology. MRI: Medical Research Institute WAR Workout Recovery Berry Attack triggers optimal glycogen restoration. MRI: Medical Research Institute WAR Workout Recovery Berry Attack's proprietary "Muscle Perfect" amino acid ratio ignites protein synthesis. MRI: Medical Research Institute WAR Workout Recovery Berry Attack helps force positive nitrogen balance (PNB) for growth. MRI: Medical Research Institute WAR Workout Recovery Berry Attack's clinically proven Crea-Charge is absorbed faster and up to 29% more bioavailable.WAR Berry Attack

WAR Berry Attack Reload Muscles need fuel fast. When peak demands of energy occur during intense training, glucose, glycogen and glutamine stores can be decimated, forcing your body into a catabolic state to get the energy it needs. WAR Berry Attack This means tearing apart the very muscle you are trying to build. To help prevent this, WAR supplies a 50/50 Waxy Maize and MM500 Blend for a two step approach to fast glycogen replenishment and sustained energy.

Repair WAR introduces Heat Shock Activation Technology. Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) rapidly accelerate both the speed and efficiency of new protein production for tissue repair and provide armor against exercise induced oxidative damage.WAR Berry Attack They work within muscle cells as a response against trauma like heat, cold, shock and physical stress like intense training.

Rebuild Now that you are locked and loaded and HSPs are fast at work preparing to take a giant leap forward, time to send in the Marines. WAR takes the guess work out of aminos with the proprietary “Muscle Perfect” amino acid blend. AARM (Amino Acid Ratio of Muscle) contains every amino acid in the identical ratio found in human muscle. In every scoop of WAR the super fast-acting free form aminos in AARM are simply new muscle about to be born.

WAR is built to combat the physiological challenges of a grueling workout, helping you to conquer new ground - without ever retreating.

The Scientific Breakthrough in Recovery! WAR represents one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs in recovery - ever.WAR Berry Attack Now you can help increase your body's adaptive response to training - in less time. Plus, WAR not only helps you gain more muscle from today's workout, it primes your body for tomorrow's training!

MRI's “Heat Shock Protein” Technology: MRI's revolutionary new technology targets Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs). HSPs accelerate both speed and efficiency of your body's adaptive response to training.

Proprietary “Muscle Perfect” Amino Profile: MRI's Proprietary Complex gives you the exact amino profile in human muscle tissue. Now you don't have to wonder if you're getting it from food or a combination of supplements. This “human ratio” of amino acids ignites, and accelerates, protein synthesis. In addition, MRI's new HSP Technology helps convert more aminos into bona fide muscle fiber! Now you can get more muscle per workout!

Triggers Glycogen Storage: MRI's precise molecular weight “super carb” (waxy maize) helps rapidly trigger the process of glycogen storage. With super-saturated muscle glycogen stores, you increase the training potential of your next workout.

Exclusive “Crea-Charge” Creatine: MRI's exclusive Crea-Charge is proven to get absorbed faster and is 29% more bioavailable. At last, you get “full-load” phosphocreatine stores for your next workout.

Induces Positive Nitrogen Balance (PNB): Positive Nitrogen Balance is your proof of complete recovery. It's also essential for anabolism. MRI's WAR helps force Positive Nitrogen Balance - so you finally gain as much as you train!

Revolutionary “Recovery Acceleration” Technology!

Introducing New Schisandrin-B Heat Shock Protein Activator For decades, research scientists have sought to target the elusive Heat Shock Proteins (HSP). Why? HSPs “jolt” cells into hyper responsive mode. Cells suddenly react to stimuli at lightening velocity. Cellular “activity” is thrust into warp speed. What does that mean for recovery? Everything!

With Schisandrin-B, HSPs “zap” the transcription factors (TF) that control protein synthesis into rapid acceleration. It's like going from 0 to 240 mph in five seconds - then maintaining that speed for 90 minutes. And that's just for starters.

HSPs actually help convert more amino acids into real muscle fiber. In combination with its proprietary “muscle perfect” amino ratio, WAR helps create the ideal condition for muscle growth. That leaves only one question: just what are these powerful Heat Shock Proteins?

Scientifically, Heat Shock Proteins are “stress proteins.” They're designed to accelerate both the speed and efficiency of adaptation to physical stress - like training at intense levels. Now with MRI's new HSP Target Technology, you can finally get the optimal response to your workouts - and wage WAR on Recovery! WAR Berry Attack