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EO2 Edge, Tropical Punch, 300 Grams, From MRI

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  • EO2 Edge, Tropical Punch, 300 Grams, From MRI

EO2 Edge, Tropical Punch, 300 Grams, From MRI

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Manufacturer : MRI
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Enduro Tri-Energy Complex for Sustained Energy & Endurance. Supports Optimal Circulation and Oxygen Utilization, Drives Nutrient Fueled ATP Production, Replenishes Electrolytes Lost During Training, Restores Fluid Balance. THE ENDURANCE EDGEE02. Endurance athletes are a unique breed – they thrive in a training zone few dare to enter. Enter MRI EO2 EDGE – a breakthrough formula that meets 6 critical factors of endurance head on. The advanced, research backed EO2 EDGE formula incorporates ingredients that may help support: Efficient Fuel for Active Muscles, Optimal Blood Flow, Natural RBC Support for Peak O2 Availability, Muscle Recovery from Training Induced Stress, Optimal Muscle Contractions and Increased Time to Exhaustion, Restoration of Body-Hydrating Fluids. ADVANCED NUTRITION FOR THE ENDURANCE 'EDGE'. During a marathon, the metabolism in an endurance athlete's body can increase to 2000% above normal, and oxygen utilization may elevate by up to 1500%! Additionally, fluid loss, electrolyte depletion & free radical damage are a constant threat to peak performance. EO2 EDGE was expressly developed to address these endurance factors and more. EO2 EDGE delivers a Tri-Source energy blend, supports improved oxygen transport and utilization, boosts ATP energy, offers nitric oxide boosting exercise extenders (NBEE), and provides key electrolytes. EO2 EDGE is the ideal choice for pre, intra, and post-performance fueling to meet the demands of high-intensity, long duration bouts of exercise and competition. Push your mental and physical limits with EO2 EDGE. THE NITRIC OXIDE CONNECTION. EO2 EDGE features nitric oxide (NO) elevating ingredients for a truly novel approach to Endurance Support. NO is a powerful regulator of optimal circulation and nutrient delivery to working muscles. However, NO may play an even greater role in endurance-specific performance. Emerging research reveals that NO plays a key role in regulating endurance muscle power, may help extend the time to exhaustion during exercise, and may help alter the oxygen (O2) cost of exercise (support improved VO2 Max). ENDURO TRI-ENERGY COMPLEX. ENDURO TRI-ENERGY COMPLEXAs the Enduro Tri-Energy Complex releases exercise fuel, research backed nutrients promote nutrient-delivering blood flow, oxygen transport and energy-yielding ATP production. Next, advanced ingredients and electrolytes support cell hydration and counter the effects of free radicals. These factors help fuel the endurance extending, fatigue-fighting power of EO2 EDGE.