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Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Powder, 600 g
Optimum Nutrition

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  • Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Powder, 600 g

Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Powder, 600 g

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Manufacturer : Optimum Nutrition
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Glutamine comprises about 60% of all of the amino content that is found within the muscles.
Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid that plays an integral role in providing fuel to muscles, especially during times of intense training. With Optimum Nutrition's Glutamine Powder you can easily make sure that you are getting enough Glutamine for your training. Glutamine helps prevent muscle fatigue and helps make sure the body stays in a state of building muscle as opposed to burning muscle.

Glutamine Powder:

Powder formula provides 5 grams of Glutamine in each serving.
Promotes Muscle Efficiency.
Prevents Muscle Fatigue and Muscle Deterioration.
Growth and Recovery.

Necessary for Bodybuilders
While Glutamine is abundant in many of the different foods eaten on a daily basis, it would take nearly 5 eggs to amount to the Glutamine content in one serving of Glutamine Powder. Many different protein supplements and Protein Bars are rich in body fueling BCAA's: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. Even though these BCAA are essential for maximum training they aren't the first fuel source that muscles turn to.

Scientific studies have found that the body utilizes Glutamine resources initially when fueling muscles. After these reserve pools are used up the body must then resort to actually pulling Energy from the muscle. This is the last thing that any bodybuilder wants. Glutamine Powder keeps the muscles loaded with this very important amino acid that can only come from sources outside of the body.

Perfect For Stacking
Glutamine comprises about 60% of all of the amino content that is found within the muscles. No matter what Other Protein supplements or bodybuilding aids you may be using to help you build the best workout routine, Glutamine can easily be included.

The very nature of this non-essential amino acid makes it perfect for stacking. It is going to help keep the muscle's fueled with strength building energy while other supplements you consume work in their respective manner.

This supplement is light and can easily be mixed with juice for a quick drink on your way to the gym. Because it's not heavy you don't have to worry about lying heavy in your stomach during your warm-up. It gets right into the bloodstream and directly to muscles.