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Optimum Nutrition Thermo Cuts, 100 capsules
Optimum Nutrition

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  • Optimum Nutrition Thermo Cuts, 100 capsules

Optimum Nutrition Thermo Cuts, 100 capsules

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These natural ingredients help reduce appetite and keep your energy levels naturally high.
Thermo-Cuts was designed to accelerate your weight loss and help you lose weight quicker. The path to a lean, sculpted, trim and tone body is an arduous adventure comprised of eating the right whole foods and making sure you are pushing your body to the next level with continual exercise. With Thermo-Cuts from Optimum Nutrition you get a mixture of 300mg of Caffeine combined with Optimum Nutrition's cutting edge formula that contains powerful Thermogenics and standardized Herbal extracts. Thermo-Cuts also contain NeOpuntia an all natural ingredient that provides natural lipophilic fiber. Ingredients like Phase 2 help naturally control carb intake while Thermo-Cuts' Promilin and Bioperine help control sugar levels and increase nutrient absorption.


Natural Stimulants for Better Energy.
Thermogenics Increase Metabolism.
Bioperine Improves Nutrient Absorption.
Reduces Appetite.
Stay Trim and Tone.

A Diet Pill That Raises The Bar
One of the things that set Thermo-Cuts apart from other diet supplements is the wide assortment of natural ingredients designed to help improve total body wellness. Healthy living isn't just about outer appearances. Optimum Nutrition understands that. Ingredients like NeOpuntia, Promilin, Bioperine, and Phase 2 provide a good example of this.

Bioperine is sourced from Black pepper. One of its greatest assets is its ability to help maximize nutrient absorption. This helps your body take on as much of the thermogenic enhancing ingredients as possible. Along with that it helps you get more nutrients from the foods that you eat.

NeOpuntia comes from cactus leaves. In particular it comes from the Opuntia ficus indica variety. Studies have shown that this heart healthy fiber could help increase the HDL cholesterol levels in the blood. By doing so, this fiber helps reduce your risk for cardiovascular complications.

Stay Focused With More Energy
Thermo-Cuts also supplies 300mg of Caffeine. The sources of caffeine in Thermo-Cuts come from Green Tea and Guarana. Along with these natural stimulants, extracts from Garcinia help to control and moderate fat storage.

These natural ingredients help reduce appetite and keep your energy levels naturally high. Sometimes when changing diet or going on a calorie restricted diet, it can be easy to become groggy and lose motivation. The ingredients in Thermo-Cuts are chosen to keep your energy levels at peak performance while also boosting your body's nutrient uptake.

Supports Fat Oxidation, Energy Levels, and Appetite Control.