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Gold Standard 100% Casein, Banana Cream, 4 lbs, From Optimum Nutrition
Optimum Nutrition

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  • Gold Standard 100% Casein, Banana Cream, 4 lbs, From Optimum Nutrition

Gold Standard 100% Casein, Banana Cream, 4 lbs, From Optimum Nutrition

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It's during these long stretches of time that you need a protein that's going to stick around. Gold Standard Casein Banana Cream It takes all different types of protein to provide the body with adequate fuel to spark muscle growth and expansion. You know that when you are going to be working out you need to make sure that you've got your body fully stocked with enough building material to power you through your intensive workouts. Gold Standard Casein Banana Cream That's the sort of protein that you'll find in most Protein Shakes and supplements.

But what about those long hours in between workouts? What about all the rest your body requires to rebuild muscle? It's during these long stretches of time that you need a protein that's going to stick around. 100% Casein is just the protein you need. Gold Standard Casein Banana Cream

Superior Slow Digesting Formula This specific protein type is engineered out of two different types of casein and has all the bases covered when it comes to providing long lasting protein. The great thing about Casein is that it is a slowly digesting protein.

Unlike, Whey protein isolate, which is great for short term bursts in protein levels, 100% Casein sticks around. In the world of bodybuilding and serious athletic endeavors nothing could be more important in a protein supplement. After pushing yourself to the limits and beyond, you're going to need a fuel that's going to be able to compensate for everything you've just drained your body of. All you need is a spoon, a cup, and your favorite beverage to mix with 100% Casein and you are good to go. Gold Standard Casein Banana Cream

Now you don't have to worry about whether or not you've burned through everything that you supplemented with before your workout.

Loaded With Amino Acids 100% Casein is also loaded with quite an expansive amino acid profile. Gold Standard Casein Banana Cream This supplement has both essential and non-essential amino acids. Essential acids like, Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine are vital for optimal protein synthesis. These particular type of amino acids, the essential ones, are the kind that the body doesn't create on its own and therefore you have to make sure that you are getting them from the foods that you eat. Or just make sure you're taking a great supplement that's got you covered like 100% Casein.

Non-essential amino acids are not called ‘non-essential' because they aren't necessary. If anything, they are highly needed. The only difference is that they are already produced in the body. But when you're putting your body and mind through the added stress of intensive training you're going to need an added dose. Gold Standard Casein Banana Cream

100% Casein is ripe with loads of muscle fueling non-essential amino acids as well.

Glutamine Fights Off Muscle Fatigue One particular amino acid that makes an appearance in 100% Casein is Glutamine. This amino acid comprises roughly 60% of the amino acid content in the skeletal muscles. When you're working out, your body begins to use Glutamine as an important player in protein synthesis. One of its main responses is to aid in nitrogen production which will help you fight off muscle fatigue.

If you aren't careful, and haven't supplied your muscles with enough Glutamine, then muscle deterioration can actually result. That's not the sort of thing that you want to accomplish with any type of training. 100% Casein comes through once again, ensuring that you're not going to be wasting away while shredding it up. There's a lot to be said about the benefits of Glutamine, but the main thing you need to know is that 100% Casein has got it.

When it comes to long term, high quality protein that's going to fuel your body for the long haul, you want to reach for a casein protein type. 100% Casein is a unique blend of top shelf Micellar and Calcium caseins. That makes this one protein supplement that you'd really be better off getting to know. It's got the means to really help you out.