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Pept-1 Ultraburn, Chocolate Creme, 1.4 lbs, From BNRG

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  • Pept-1 Ultraburn, Chocolate Creme, 1.4 lbs, From BNRG

Pept-1 Ultraburn, Chocolate Creme, 1.4 lbs, From BNRG

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Manufacturer : BNRG
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Pept-1 Ultraburn, Chocolate Creme, 1.4 lbs, From BNRG Details Pept-1 Ultraburn Chocolate Creme Increase Energy. Rapid Burn. Enhanced Focus. Lipo Burn & Energy Boosting Hydrolysate. Rapid and Complete Absorption Technology. Rich and Creamy. The Pept-1 Ultraburn Difference: Pept-1 Ultraburn is the first product of its kind - a unique energy drink formulated with nutrients and protein that support enhanced fat loss, muscular energy and neural activity - all at the same time. Pept-1 Ultraburn Chocolate Creme Increased Energy: The unique, Adaptogenic energy signature of Pept-1 is characterized by increased muscular energy heightened mental focus that is smooth and non-jittery. Pept-1 Ultraburn Chocolate Creme The Pept-1 combination of energy enhancing nutrients helps eliminate the "crash and burn" often caused by caffeine, herbal and sugar combinations that form the basis of other energy and diet products. Pept-1 Ultraburn Chocolate Creme Enhanced Focus: Advanced DTP (Di & Tripeptide Technology) rushes amino acids needed to synthesize neurotransmitters to support increased brain and muscle activity. Pept-1 Ultraburn Chocolate Creme The combination of Pept-1 and DTP helps manage appetite and attitude, delivering increased performance and lasting results. Taken before exercise, Pept-1 helps increase intensity and endurance. Rapid Burn: Pept-1 Ultraburn provides thermogenic protein nutrition to support fat loss and maintenance of lean muscle tissue during periods of calorie reduction and dieting.

Directions Pept-1 Ultraburn Chocolate Creme Add 2 scoops (35g) Pept-1 Ultraburn to 3/4 cup (6oz) cold water and shake or stir. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Do not exceed one dose in any four-hour period. Not recommended for use prior to bedtime.

Warnings Pept-1 Ultraburn Chocolate Creme Allergens: milk, soy (from lecithin).

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