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Elastic Knee Wraps, 78 in., Flex Sports
Flex Sports

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Elastic Knee Wraps, 78 in., Flex Sports

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Elastic Knee Wraps 78 in. Flex Sport Knee Wrap 78” Go easy on the knees. Flex Sport Knee Wrap is for the sports enthusiast.Elastic Knee Wraps 78 in. Not only are they good to help prevent extra strain on the knee during heavy squats or lifting, but they also will add stability during sports activities. Knee wraps can give you the extra endurance needed to do your best.

To Apply Starting just above your knee wrap around once go diagonal across the kneecap and wrap around once below the knee. Elastic Knee Wraps 78 in. Wrap the elastic around the knee starting from the bottom and working your way to the top, than repeat going down. Elastic Knee Wraps 78 in. Continue in this fashion until you run out of elastic. Be sure to get a close snug fit for maximum benefit. At 78” long, it enables you to have complete knee coverage and support no matter the leg size. They should be worn only for short periods. Be sure to apply to an already warmed up knee to avoid injury.

How Do They Work? Body builders have known for years that knee wraps are a must during heavy squatting. Not only do they give you the support and strength you need, a knee wrap will also increase the rebound from the squats. Wrapping the knees during squatting is claimed to give you a small percentage of weight increase during your lifting. Another thing to consider is the prevention of injury. Wrapping the knee gives it the extra support it needs to keep the the joint aligned and the muscles taut.

When to Use a Knee Wrap Knee wraps can be used anytime you suffer from knee pain during sports or exercising. They work to minimize the pain, allowing you to enjoy your activity. They also will help to reduce strain on the knee allowing you to work out or play longer. Knee wraps can be used while Biking, Hiking, Playing football, Baseball, Basketball and even during your working hours. Construction crews find them a must have when on the job. Anytime you are involved in anything that will require a lot of bending at the knee or stress on the knee you should consider using a knee wrap. Elastic Knee Wraps 78 in.