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Karbolic, Power Punch, 2.2 lbs, From Professional Supplements
Professional Supplements

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  • Karbolic, Power Punch, 2.2 lbs, From Professional Supplements

Karbolic, Power Punch, 2.2 lbs, From Professional Supplements

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Super-Premium Muscle Fuel. Karbolic...Period! Karbolic Power Punch All serious athletes require fast, medium and slow acting carbohydrates before, during and after intense exercise or competition . Karbolic Power Punch For over 40 years, sports nutritionists have touted the benefits of carbohydrate intake to improve performance and recovery. Karbolic Power Punch With ProSupps Karbolic, we are far more interested in providing you with better results in the gym and on the field through research-based technology proven to deliver the highest level of efficacy and results. Karbolic Power Punch We partnered with Hong Kong Life Sciences Company Limited to develop a proprietary, nutrient partitioning, anti-oxidant ingredient that was specifically designed to meet the heightened metabolic demands of all types of serious athletes and to synergize specifically with carbohydrates to enhance intra-cellular muscle volume and carbohydrate loading. Pterosport is a scientifically designed extract that contains ingredients backed by more than one hundred clinical and Basic Research studies...peer-reviewed studies that are published in prestigious journals done on real human subjects. Karbolic Power Punch It's your body, it's your choice...choose Karbolic. Powered By: PteroSport. Pterosport is a scientifically proven anti-oxidant and carbohydrate-synthesizing technology. Pterosport is the first and only stilbene containing sport nutrition extract that contains all four of these important stilbenoids (Resveratrol, Pterostilbene, Piceatannol, Piceid). Karbolic Power Punch Contains not only large sized carbohydrates, but also small and medium sized carbohydrates for a medium, short and almost instantly acting energizing effect! Contains Taurine and Betaine in clinically validated dosages shown to improve athletic performance in 'real athletes'. Karbolic Power Punch Contains important B-Vitamin co-factors scientifically demonstrated to increase athletic performance, aid in post exercise recovery, assist in muscle-cell glycogenesis and storage, as well as ATP resynthesis from ADP. Contains an electrolyte complex (Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc) needed during rigorous exercise for hydration. Pterosport technology-Karbolic is the only carb product that contains this scientifically proven anti-oxidant and carbohydrate-synthesizing technology. Karbolic Power Punch