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Lean Care, 60 Capsules, From Himalaya

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  • Lean Care, 60 Capsules, From Himalaya

Lean Care, 60 Capsules, From Himalaya

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Lean Care 60 Capsules Product Description

Lean Care 60 Capsules Himalaya Healthcare has been creating innovative and traditional natural supplements since 1930. In over eight decades, the company has expanded into the international market, and now has products in 76 countries wordwide. LeanCare by Himalaya Healthcare combines the traditional natural Herbal remedies of Ayurvedic medicine with the latest in scientific innovations. LeanCare is a unique proprietary herbal formula that can help regulate metabolism of fats. Armed with natural plants such as Guggul and Garcinia, LeanCare helps maintain normal blood sugar, cholesterol and trigyceride levels. Additionally, LeanCare helps promote a healthy appetite level. Himalaya Healthcare has a long tradition of herbal healing, Lean Care 60 Capsules but not as long as the tradition that inspires many of its proprietary herbal blends: the Ayurvedic tradition.


Lean Care 60 Capsules LeanCare by Himalaya Healthcare combines the traditional natural herbal remedies of Ayurvedic medicine with the latest in scientific innovations. The magic of Himalaya Healthcare products lies in the combination of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with the new discoveries of modern science. A systematic, natural form of herbal healing, Ayurveda has a deep and reaching knowledge of herbs and their many properties. Himalaya Healthcare employs over 100 scientists and researches to conduct the latest research on existing natural remedies. Lean Care 60 Capsules The company holds three international patents and has other patents pending for its innovations in herbal supplements.

Lean Care 60 Capsules This forward-thinking philosophy has roots in the ancient past and its branches in the future. LeanCare not only supports normal lipid metabolism, it also encourages normal appetite and digestion. LeanCare contains no stimulating ingredients, and can help support normal gastrointestinal function. Leancare is a wide, multifaceted approach to safe and normal weight loss support; you can notice the full benefits and lasting results by taking 2 capsules twice daily with meals for several weeks.


LeanCare is comprised of Himalaya Healthcare’s proprietary formula, which includes Guggal, Garcinia, Gymnema and Fenugreek. These key ingredients have been used in Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. Guggul possesses strong rejuvenating powers, and it is known for its regulating properties. Studies show that Guggul can promote healthy cholesterol levels as well. Garcinia contains a biologically active compound known to inhibit the synthesis of lipids and fatty acids. Garcinia also aids in appetite suppression by promoting synthesis of glycogen.

Gymnema literally means “sugar destroyer” in Hindi. Utilized in Ayurveda since the Sixth Century BC, Gymnema has a regenerative effect on pancreatic beta cells. Another positive side effect of Gymnema is that is curbs the craving for sweets. LeanCare provides 650mg of its proprietary herbal blend, giving you an Ayurvedic boost with natural ingredients.


Himalaya Healthcare bases its natural supplements in tradition and science. Although it draws many of its proprietary herbal blends from Ayurvedic knowledge, Himalaya Healthcare’s products are intended for all body types. The company estimates that every quarter of a second, someone in the world is using a Himalaya Healthcare product. Himalaya Healthcare produces over 2 billion herbal supplement capsules a year, which is a testament to the company’s longstanding reputation for quality, tradition and scientific innovation.

LeanCare by Himalaya Healthcare is a completely safe, natural product that is both vegetarian and gluten-free. After a period of taking LeanCare, you can enjoy the beneficial properties of natural healing with ancient, herbal ingredients.


Take 2 capsules twice daily with meals. Allow several weeks for full benefits and lasting results. Lean Care 60 Capsules