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Recovery Protein, Chocolate , 1.8 lb, EAS

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  • Recovery Protein, Chocolate , 1.8 lb, EAS

Recovery Protein, Chocolate , 1.8 lb, EAS

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Manufacturer : EAS
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Throw in the 1.5g of Revigor HMB each protein shake contains and you get muscle protection, strength, energy, and better recovery all in one source a step above other protein supplements.
For the best training results muscles need advanced recovery fuel. EAS Recovery Protein helps you bounce back from heavy training by supplying more than just whey protein. Along with the 20g of whey protein in each serving EAS Recovery Protein provides 40g of a sustained Energy carb blend. Together with the whey protein, EAS Recovery Protein exhibits a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein for the best level of energy replenishment while building better muscle. Throw in the 1.5g of Revigor HMB each protein shake contains and you get muscle protection, strength, energy, and better recovery all in one source a step above Other Protein supplements.

EAS Recovery Protein:

Complete Recovery Protein Supplement.
Ultimate Glycogen Replenishment Supported by Waxy Maize
1.5g Revigor HMB.
20g Whey Protein.
40g Carb Blend Designed for Immediate Glycogen Source.
Energy, Strength, and Optimum Muscle Recovery.

Revigor HMB
Revigor HMB is used in many different meal replacement shakes as well as protein Energy Drinks because of the powerful capacity it has to help protect and prevent muscle loss. Intense training for prolonged periods of time can leave you susceptible to losing muscle mass. Part of this is due to the depletion of L-glutamine and other vital amino acids like BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid) L-Leucine. As muscles continually strive to look for more energy for strength training and recovery you want to ensure your bodybuilding supplements are going to support growth. Revigor essentially helps the body release beta hydroxy betamethyl buterate, HMB, from Leucine. This process helps keep muscles from deteriorating and gives you the power to keep muscle gains strong while pushing yourself harder toward a more lean muscle body.

Waxy Maize
One of the components of EAS Recovery Protein that is going to help deliver nutrients to the body will also help make sure less biological waste is occurring on a cellular level. Waxy Maize is a starch that works at maintaining nutrient delivery in a similar way as Creatine. By increasing the cellular volume within active muscles more nutrients get pulled in. This key aspect to energy delivery helps growing muscles actively maintain strength and power while also doubling to help support glycogen levels. In short, Waxy Maize is an ideal stimulant-free source for helping supply your body with natural energy.

Build muscle. Revigor. 1.5g Revigor HMB. 20g whey protein. 2:1 carbs to protein. This product offers: EAS Recovery Technology: The right combination of Revigor, whey protein and sustained-energy carbohydrates to deliver a more complete recovery product than 100% whey alone. 20g whey protein. Provides the building blocks for rebuilding muscle. Includes 4.9 branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). Research shows that BCAAs helps muscles recuperate after strenuous exercise and may help reduce exercise-related muscle damage. 1.5 Revigor HMB. Produced naturally in the body from the amino acid leucine. Protect muscle tissue by reducing the breakdown of protein. Preserves muscle by strengthening muscle cell integrity. Promotes muscle growth by accelerating protein synthesis. 40g sustained-energy carb blend. Rapid release glucose polymer for fast glycogen replacement to depleted muscles. Isomaltulose and waxy maize for sustained energy release. Research has shown that a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein helps stimulate muscle glycogen synthesis better than protein alone, giving muscle cells the energy they need to recover.