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Endothil, Pink Lemonade , 30 Servings, Novex Biotech
Novex Biotech

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  • Endothil, Pink Lemonade , 30 Servings, Novex Biotech

Endothil, Pink Lemonade , 30 Servings, Novex Biotech

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Novex Biotech - Endothil Preworkout Powder Musculogenic Cell Recruiter Pink Lemonade - 263 Grams (9.28 oz.)

Novex Biotech Endothil Pre-Workout Powder is a musculogenic cell recruiter. Endothil Pink Lemonade During an independent, double-blind, 6-week bodybuilding study on 31 fit males, the functional compound in Endothil-CR significantly increased upper and lower body strength after concentrated exercise (as measured by the amount of weight participants could bench press and leg press). Biceps circumference also increased significantly over the placebo group, who were on the same bodybuilding program. Endothil Pink Lemonade

Enhances Strength, Power, and Energy While Sharpening Mental Alertness and Focus Clinically Shown to Increase Upper and lower Body Strength, as Well as Biceps Circumference Amplifies Cellular Mechanisms Essential for Muscle Cell Differentiation, Repair, and Growth 100% Increased Upper Body Strength in Study Participants 249% Increase in Lower Body Strength in Study Participants Significant Increase in Bicep Circumference Compared to Placebo Group This discovery led to Endothil-CR... a unique and proven method for muscle size and strength beyond what is acquired through the normal recruitment and differentiation of progenitor muscle cells. Finally, a way to assist your bodybuilding program for muscle and strength without steroids or steroid-like precursors. Endothil Pink Lemonade

Heard about Green Tomato Extract (GTE)? Both professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts have been waiting for a highly effective, proven GTE formula. Why? Because this potent natural product targets the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in the repair and growth of muscle cells. Endothil Pink Lemonade And now, finally, the wait is over. Endothil Preworkout Powder's proprietary Green Tomato Extract formulation contains key ingredients that, in conjunction with exercise, produce a significant increase in both upper- and lower-body strength and even biceps circumference compared to exercise alone. Unleash the proven, muscle-building power of Green Tomato Extract now with Endothil.

So What's the Catch? To experience the full benefits of Endothil Preworkout powder you'll have to completely alter your workout routine. You can no longer do generalized, full body workouts... you'll have to focus on a single, specific muscle group and exercise that muscle group to exhaustion. Endothil Pink Lemonade Why? Because exercise to exhaustion creates "trauma" and Endothil helps your body by impacting the recruitment of progenitor muscle cells to repair (build) traumatized muscle tissue. The results? An increase in both upper and lower body (whichever area you exercise) muscle size and circumference... and increased strength.

About Novex Biotech For almost two decades they've been distributing innovative formulations that address the specific needs of consumers. To guarantee excellence, they have forged robust and enduring alliances with some of the nation's leading pharmaceutical and nutritional research and development companies. Their collaboration with an industry leader in contract preclinical research and development provides them with access to world-class discoveries from leading academic researchers. Endothil Pink Lemonade

Such collaborations enable them to develop and bring to market proprietary formulations and one-of-a-kind products under the strictest standards. Their products are some of the best-selling, most sought-after formulations on the market today. Endothil Pink Lemonade