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SuperCissus, 150 Capsules, From USP Labs
USP Labs

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  • SuperCissus, 150 Capsules, From USP Labs

SuperCissus, 150 Capsules, From USP Labs

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USP Labs - SuperCissus Rx Bonus Size - 150 Capsules Bonus Size - 67% More Free!

USP Labs' SuperCissus Rx is THE original patented Cissus Quadrangularis Joint Product. SuperCissus 150 Capsules USP Labs' SuperCissus Rx has earned numerous "Joint Product of the Year" awards since its inception. Do not accept inferior imitations of USP Labs' SuperCissus RX Award Winning Joint Formula - Demand the best, SuperCissus RX. USP Labs' SuperCissus Rx is the worlds first and only Patent Pending Cissus Quadrangularis Joint Health Formula, SuperCissus Rx, in your hands. Now you're ready to get rid of that joint pain once and for all. SuperCissus 150 Capsules

If joint discomfort is slowing down your workouts and quality of life, then this may be the most important letter you have ever read.

Over the last four years bodybuilders, athletes and everyday individuals have improved their quality of life using a rare, but potent extract of an herb native to India (Cissus Quadrangularis) - called SuperCissus RX.

SuperCissus Rx is also the only known compound to promote tendon and ligament strength. If you wish to stay active and pain free, Supercissus RX should be a staple of your daily supplement regimen. SuperCissus Rx is like a bullet-proof vest shielding you from injuries, so use it before you get injured. It's a bitter fact that many promising careers come to an early end due to tendon or ligament ailments, so be smart and avoid being a statistic. SuperCissus 150 Capsules

The Key Ingredients in SuperCissus Rx, Cissus Quadrangularis:

Contains Compounds that may work to promote tendon and ligament health. Is Shellfish-free Supported by centuries of use in Ayurvedic Medicinal System Subject of numerous scientific studies SuperCissus 150 Capsules Does not contain Glucosamine, Chondroitin or MSM. Powerful Pain Reliever without damaging effects that ibuprofen brings. Promotes overall joint health & longevity!

Through much trial and error... not to mention costs... our research team has perfected the extraction process. This is crucial to getting results. Get the extract wrong and you might as well be swallowing dirt. In fact, the extract in SuperCissus RX is backed by United States Patent #7,582,316. SuperCissus RX is the only capsule product in the world to contain this specific extract! SuperCissus 150 Capsules

USP Labs has "juiced-up" SuperCissus RX so much that each capsule is loaded with only the crucial ketosterones that can help you regain your lifestyle!

It's real simple... if you can't live the life you want and need Joint Support; Super Cissus RX is THE supplement to use. It has helped thousands of athletes, bodybuilders & everyday individuals across the world feel their best again! USP Labs brought SuperCissus RX to America and they are the only ones who know how to extract the critical, powerful active ingredients. As you know, this industry has many rip-off artists and "me-too" products. UPS Labs' SuperCissus RX is THE ORIGINAL and the only way to guarantee you receive all of the benefits of this super herb. SuperCissus 150 Capsules

Since the extract process is extremely detailed and exact, USP Labs produces Super Cissus RX in very small batches. This is to ensure quality and potency. SuperCissus 150 Capsules