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Myo-Whey Deluxe, Smooth Chocolate, 5 lbs, From Myogenix

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  • Myo-Whey Deluxe, Smooth Chocolate, 5 lbs, From Myogenix

Myo-Whey Deluxe, Smooth Chocolate, 5 lbs, From Myogenix

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Manufacturer : Myogenix
UPC : 680269518104
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Product Description

Low in Carbohydrates & Easy on the Wallet!Myo-Whey Deluxe Smooth Chocolate

We all know that to build muscle we need protein, but not just any protein, our muscle need high quality protein loaded with all the necessities: Branch Chain Amino Acids, & Essential Amino Acids. Myo-Whey Deluxe Protien is just that!

Myogenix has created Myo Whey Deluxe with a high quality protein formula that includes an exceptional amino acid profile. Myo-Whey Deluxe Smooth Chocolate Myo-Whey Deluxe Protein has also been formulated for you, with pre-digested whey peptides for quick digestion, so no more bloated or upset stomachs.

Myo-Whey Deluxe is low in carbs as well as low in fat, so it is ideal for anyone who wants to build lean muscle, while also maintaining a healthy weight.Myo-Whey Deluxe Smooth Chocolate

This protein taste great, mixes well, and is easy on the wallet. You will be surprised by the results. Myo-Whey Deluxe comes in two delicious flavors: Creamy Vanilla 2lb. and Smooth Chocolate 2lb.Myo-Whey Deluxe Smooth Chocolate

Description from Myogenix

Whether you are looking to build muscle, loose body-fat, or stay healthy in general you need protein, not just any protein but one with a strong amino acid profile that is also easily digested.Myo-Whey Deluxe Smooth Chocolate

MYO-WHEY Deluxe is the answer! Add it to your oatmeal, cereal, or make a regular shake and drink it with a meal to boost the over-all protein content. Only the highest ingredients are used, plus nothing beats the taste and mixability!

Donít have time to prepare a meal? Use MYO-LEAN Advanced Meal Replacement. Low Glycemic carbs release slowly which controls blood sugar and insulin levels. This provides long term Energy, prevents fat storage, and helps to create an effective fat burning environment.

MYO-LEAN is perfect for breakfast, as a snack in between lunch and dinner, or anytime you donít have time to prepare a well balanced meal.Myo-Whey Deluxe Smooth Chocolate

Need help loosing fat? Combine MYO-LEAN Advanced Meal Replacement with MYO-LEAN EFX.

MYO-LEAN EFX is a safe natural, ephedra free fat burner capsule that increases energy (time released), burns fat, and helps suppress harmful cravings.

Mixes instantly; Delicious; Low in Carbs. MYO Whey Deluze is a delicious, low lactose, easy to mix, blended protein shake. Check out some of our other top selling products below. For more information on our entire lineup, visit myogenix. Directionstop

For a delicious chocolate shake, add 1 scoop (30g) in 6 oz of water (or your favorite beverage) and stir until properly mixed. Drink as often as necessary, up to 3 times per day. Warningstop

Allergen Statement: This product contains ingredients derived from milk, and soy. This product is manufactured in a plant that processes milk, soy, wheat, and eggs.