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Myo Lean Evolution, Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cup, 2.31 lbs, From Myogenix

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  • Myo Lean Evolution, Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cup, 2.31 lbs, From Myogenix

Myo Lean Evolution, Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cup, 2.31 lbs, From Myogenix

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The result is a total meal replacement formula that gives you strength, energy, and complete nutrition.
Myo Lean Evolution, a low glycemic formula from Myogenix, is a complete low carb meal replacement drink. This powder formula mixes with water to give you a complete meal of healthy fats, vitamins and nutrients and 21g of protein. Myo Lean contains Pentaprotein 50/50 which is an advanced protein blend that contains high-grade whey protein isolates along with anti-catabolic proteins. The result is a total meal replacement formula that gives you strength, Energy, and complete nutrition. Ideal for athletes and bodybuilders who need to meet proper nutritional requirements for building better lean muscle while maintaining a calorie restricted diet. Only 140 calories per serving.

Myo Lean Evolution:

Low Glycemic Meal Replacement.
Low Carb.No Lactose.
Protein Avoids the Use of Filler Whey Concentrates.
Zero Trans Fats.
Only 140 Calories.
Provides Healthy Fats.
Digestive Enzymes Equal NO Bloating or Stomach Discomfort.

Protein Advantage
One of the advantages that Myo Lean Evolution has over other Protein Shakes and meal replacement options is the designer protein that Myogenix has utilized: PentaProtein 50/50. This is considered superior over Other Protein types because it utilizes a blend of isolates, caseinates, egg albumin, as well as 90% isolated milk proteins and whole Egg Protein. The isolates have been sensitively processed using cross flow micro-filtered techniques which help support the fast acting and readily bioavailable nature of whey protein isolates.

Other protein contained in Myo Lean Evolution, such as egg albumin, is one of the most amino rich protein types available. Eggs are one of the only whole foods that actually contain a complete profile of amino acids, including BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids): L-Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine. Myo Lean Evolution incorporates PentaProtein 50/50 to maximize lean muscle growth and provide you lasting energy in every spoonful of this meal replacement powder.

Digestive Ease
Some Meal Replacements can cause bloating and stomach discomfort. Usually this unwanted side-effect is a result of the body not being able to handle the nutritive density. Myogenix has made Myo Lean Evolution with the addition of digestive enzymes which help your stomach break down Myo Lean Evolution with ease. Along with the digestive enzymes, this formula is completely lactose free.

While not everybody considers themselves lactose intolerant, the absence of lactose dramatically helps stop stomach cramping while you are training. If you find you have to follow a lactose free diet, Myo Lean Evolution makes for an intelligent meal replacement option. Don't let stomach pain be the thing that keeps you from achieving your training goals. Stay trim and tone with Myo Lean Evolution.

Dietary supplement. Technology of muscle. Myo Lean Evolution has set the new standard for meal supplements by providing the most technically advanced blend of whey isolates and slow releasing proteins, and combining them with the highest quality 'healthy' fats, all in a low carb, low glycemic formula. We intended on making a 'perfect meal' for the elite athlete. We ended up with a product so loaded with high quality raw materials, so nutrient dense, it would benefit not only elite athletes looking to add powerful lean muscle, but anyone looking to improve their health and physique through nutrition. Plus, in the tradition of all Myogenix products, it tastes great! Zero competition! Zero Whey Concentrates, Zero Lactose, Zero Maltodextrin, Zero Trans Fats. Myo Lean Evolution is loaded with macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients. But, sometimes what's not in a product is more telling of the quality. Evolution has zero whey concentrates, only whey isolates plus slow releasing anti-catabolic proteins. This of course means zero lactose, zero gas, and zero bloating. Only the highest quality, most biologically available proteins on the planet have been selected for use. Plus, we've added digestive enzymes to ensure your body assimilates every gram. Myo Lean Evolution also has zero maltodextrin. Maltodextrin, which has been used for years and is still being used by many 'top' companies, has a glycemic rating 40% higher than table sugar. Bottom line, Myo Lean Evolution has everything you need from a meal supplement and none of what you don't. PentaProtein 50/50: A 'true' blended protein. Myo Lean Evolution contains 1/2 fast acting, anabolic whey protein isolates, and 1/2 slow releasing, anti-catabolic proteins. Consuming a product with fast and slow releasing proteins is critical to provide a steady flow of essential amino acids into your bloodstream over a period of hours. Slow releasing proteins are especially important at night-time when your body is normally in a fasting state and muscle is breaking down. Plus, with Evolution you get a 'true' blend. Many other companies claim to have 'blended' proteins. Don't be mislead. If you see whey protein concentrate on the label, even if it's the last ingredient in a blend [ex. Premium protein blend (whey isolates, egg albumin, micellar caseinate, whey hydrolysates, whey protein concentrates)] you can be certain it makes up over 90% of the protein content of that product. Use Myo Lean Evolution with PentaProtein 50/50 'true blend' and watch your body undergo an evolution of its own! Myo Lean Evolution is guaranteed to be the highest quality, best tasting meal supplement ever formulated. 100% Money Back Guarantee! These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.