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Agmatine, Unflavored , 30 Servings, From Infinite Labs
Infinite Labs

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  • Agmatine, Unflavored , 30 Servings, From Infinite Labs

Agmatine, Unflavored , 30 Servings, From Infinite Labs

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Agmatine Unflavored Agmatine supports enhanced muscle pumps, more effective nutrient transport, improved nutrient partitioning (greater number of calories shunted towards muscle tissue and less stored in fat cells) and increased blood flow. Agmatine supports increasing muscle pumps in various ways: Agmatine may support nutrient partitioning, which leads to more muscle glycogen (carbohydrates stored in muscle tissues) stored, thus more water retained in the muscle. This can lead to a “fuller” look to the muscle and enhanced muscle pumps Agmatine Unflavored.*

Agmatine Unflavored Agmatine appears to support increased N.O. production by playing a competitive Agmatine Unflavored inhibitor role of the enzyme nitric oxide synthase.*

Agmatine Unflavored The nutrient partitioning effects of Agmatine may be due to its potential ability to support increasing the insulin response to carbohydrates, as well as the increased blood flow to the muscle seen with increased nitric oxide production Agmatine Unflavored.*

Agmatine may play a potential role in supporting the hypothalamic control of luteinizing hormone (LH), thusly supporting increased levels of both hormones.* Agmatine Unflavored