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N.O. 370, 300 Grams, From Top Secret Nutrition

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  • N.O. 370, 300 Grams, From Top Secret Nutrition

N.O. 370, 300 Grams, From Top Secret Nutrition

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Manufacturer : Top Secret Nutrition
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From Vitamin B12 to Niacin, the components of N.O. 370 will help you improve mental focus while maximizing dense hard muscle.
N.O. 370 provides clinically proven increases in terms of glycogen replenishment, L-arginine and Glucosamine absorption, and ATP production. Ideal as a pre-workout supplement, this comprehensive nitric oxide booster also provides adequate muscle gaining support for growth and recovery when also used as a post-workout supplement. Along with a Cell Engorging Quadra Cret blend, N.O. 370 incorporates Energy boosting, strength and size increasing vitamins and minerals. From Vitamin B12 to Niacin, the components of N.O. 370 will help you improve mental focus while maximizing dense hard muscle. This product also contains one of Top Secret Nutrition's trademarked energy and performance boosters: ASTRAGIN.

N.O. 370:

”Performance Enhancement Potentiator”.
Pre-Workout Supplement Powerhouse.
Contains ASTRAGIN.
Maximize Glycogen Replenishment.
Improve L-Arginine and Glucosamine Absorption.
Optimize ATP Production.
Immediate Result Inducing Formula.
Use as a Post-Workout Supplement for Better Growth and Recovery.

Among the nitric boosting muscle shredding ingredients in N.O. 370 there is a unique ingredient to Top Secret Products: ASTRAGIN. This compound helps allocate improved nutrient uptake on the cellular level. This unique process occurs as ASTRAGIN communicates with cells and essentially helps them ‘open the door' so that more nutrients can flow into them. Similar to the improved nutrient t uptake caused by Creatine Supplements, ASTRAGIN helps ensure that the body is getting the most of your supplement.

Perhaps one of the most important amino acids for boosting nitric oxide, L-Arginine helps stimulate blood flow. This allows more blood to be able to reach, and subsequently, supply more muscle building nutrients and aminos to active targeted muscles. L-arginine is found in the form of AKG (Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate) inside of the Nitric Oxide Cellular Absorption Matrix. This matrix also includes L-Carnitine, L-Citrulline, and other blends of nitric oxide boosting components.

Paired with the Cell Engorging Quadra-Cret Blend (multiple creatine types) and the Nitric Oxide Cellular Absorption Matrix quickly becomes the key blend behind this supplement's ability to produce maximum results and quickly turns your next workout into your best workout.

Nitric Oxide Pre-Workout Formula. Performance Enhancement Potentiator. 370% Increase in Muscle Glycogen Replenishment! 62% Increased in L-Arginine Absorption. 22% Increased in ATP Production. 42% Increase in Glucosamine Absorption. N.O. 370 The Record Breaker! A Giant Leap Forward in Sports Nutrition! N.O. 370 is the first pre-workout formula that contains ingredients clinically studied to significantly improve the absorption of L-Arginine, amino acids, vitamins and glucose at the cellular level. No other product in the market that has the unbelievable effects of N.O. 370! The effectiveness of N.O. 370 can be felt after the first use. During the development the test phases, testers referred to N.O. 370 as the best product they have tried. Testers also reported enhanced muscle mass, increased strength, unreal endurance and improved mental focus. N.O. 370 is not only the most powerful pre-work supplement available. It is also the most effective recovery supplement. The product packs a 370% increase in muscle glycogen restoration after exercise, which results in size, strength, endurance and speed gains. This is why N.O. 370 is known as 'The Record Breaker' Additionally, N.O. 370 positively affects recovery by reducing the inflammatory markers products during physical activities which lead to inflammation, soreness and decreased endurance. Those taking N.O. 370 will experience workouts with a completely different level of intensity, and the results to match! Some of the clinically studied benefits of ingredients in N.O. 370 include: 62% more absorption of L-Arginine at the cellular level, leading to skin-ripping pumps, increased strength, endurance and speed. 370% increase in muscle glycogen restoration after exercise, leading to increased strength and endurance, and faster recovery times. 22% increase in ATP production, leading to increased energy, strength and endurance. 57% increase in the absorption of glucose. 42% increase in glucosamine. Additional benefits: Helps improve mental focus. Helps reduce unwanted body fat. ASTRAGIN exponentially improves the effectiveness of nitric oxide, creatine, amino acids, and protein supplements. The true measure of success of a sports supplement is its ability to be absorbed at the cellular level, blood stream concentrations alone are not enough. ASTRAGIN 'unlocks' the windows of the cells' nutrient transporter gene so that more nutrients get in. This ability of ASTRAGIN stands alone in the sports nutrition world. Top Secret Nutrition also markets ASTRAGIN as a stand-alone product under the trademarked name ASTRAVAR. ACTIGIN is an intra-muscular glycogen potentiator. The supplement increases muscle glycogen by an incredible 370% and true ATP by over 22%. This combination supports improvements in baseline performance as measured by increased energy, endurance, strength and recovery. N.O. 370 is based on some of the most current and leading scientific data from the western and eastern cultures. This one-of-a-kind product combines four types of creatine with quick acting and timed-release arginine plus Vinitrox. ViNitrox acts in synergy with L-arginine to stimulate the production of endothelial NO. It thus has a vasodilating effect, therefore promoting improved muscle blood supply. This combination is incredibly effective in supporting strength, speed, endurance and mental focus. The final touch to the formula, and what makes it truly unique, is the proprietary blend of Astragin and Actigin, two incredibly effective and clinically studied ingredients. N.O.370 represents the most significant advance in sports nutrition supplementation in years! Cell Engorging Quadra-Cret Blend: Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine Taurinate, MagnaPower (Magnesium Creatine Chelate), Creatine Gluconate, Ribose. Nitric Oxide Cellular Absorption Matrix: Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AKG), Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Microencapsulated Arginine, L-Citrulline, AstraGin (Notoginseng Extract & Astragalus Extract), Caffeine Anhydrous (100 Mg), ViNitrox (Apple & Grape Polyphenols), ActiGin (Notoginseng Extract & Rosa Roxburghii Extract), L-Norvaline.