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Weight Gainer 1400, Dutch Chocolate, 10 lbs, From Top Secret
Bodywell Nutrition

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  • Weight Gainer 1400, Dutch Chocolate, 10 lbs, From Top Secret

Weight Gainer 1400, Dutch Chocolate, 10 lbs, From Top Secret

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Manufacturer : Bodywell Nutrition
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Each serving of this powder formula also provides 1400 calories and 250g of carbs
With 50g of protein per serving, Weight Gainer 1400 is Top Secret Nutrition's maximum muscle mass gainer. Each serving of this powder formula also provides 1400 calories and 250g of carbs. This is the sort of powerful gainer that supplies you the muscle fuel that would take massive quantities of whole foods to maintain. Building better, stronger muscle is the result of making sure you give your body all the proper fuel needed to get the results you want.

Weight Gainer 1400:

Hard-Hitting Weight Gainer.
Stronger and Better Muscle Mass.
Per Serving: 1400 Calories, 50g Protein, and 250g Carbs.
BCAA: Leucine Supports Focus For Sustained Energy.
Combination of Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Peptides.
Powder Formula.

BCAA Support
Each serving of Weight Gainer 1400 contains 5000mg of Leucine. This important BCAA (branched chain amino acid) is critical in helping you maintain focus while you are pushing your training to the next level. As far as amino acids go, this one is capable of crossing the blood brain barrier. Other amino acids such as Glutamine, Arginine, and Carnosine, play a much more significant role directly with muscle performance. With the added boost of mental clarity and heightened focus you can truly hone in on each and every rep.

With the 50g of protein and 1400 calories in Weight Gainer 1400 you know you've already got the right amount of protein support for true muscle mass gains. Leucine helps balance out the mind/body connection for total whole body wellness and muscle mass development.

Protein Blend
The protein blend that is in Weight Gainer 1400 consistss of a combination of Microfiltered Whey Protein Concentrate along with a gambit of Whey Peptides. Whey Peptides contain important whey fractions such as immunoglobulins that function to help support the immune system along with a variety of more minor key elements to healthy living.

It is important when training intensely to make sure you are not depriving your body of peptides. Building muscle is essentially a process of tearing down muscle and pushing through the burn to where, during the recovery phase, true muscle mass gains can be made. The protein blend in Weight Gainer 1400 is designed to support you during and after your training so that you can achieve maximum results.

Great taste, tremendous value & superior quality! Mass gain formula with whey peptides. 1400 calories per serving. Easy to digest. Superior taste. Cost effective. 50 g protein. 250 g carbs. 5000 mg leucine. 1400 calories. Weight Gainer 1400 is what your body needs to build mass. Massive muscles equal stronger muscles allowing you to throw weights around the gym, destroy competitors on the field, and crush opponents in the ring. Weight Gainer 1400 will help your muscles become stronger, and the stronger your muscles become, the faster they will contract. Faster and stronger equals maximum performance in the gym and in your sport. Never forget the psychological edge your massive physique will give you as your competitors quake in fear as they look into your confident eyes. The confidence that comes from knowing you're about to steam roll everything in your path. Weight Gainer 1400 gives you the muscle you seek without intestinal and digestive discomfort. It is loaded with the digestive enzyme Protease and tastes incredible. It also is low in sugar and packed with the carbs you need for hours of rigorous training. Weight Gainer 1400 helps repair muscle and fuel them for hours. Redefine your Game with Weight Gainer 1400.