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Natural T, 24 Capsules, From Top Secret
Bodywell Nutrition

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  • Natural T, 24 Capsules, From Top Secret

Natural T, 24 Capsules, From Top Secret

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Top Secret Nutrition - Natural T Test Booster Potentiator Trial Size - 24 Capsules Top Secret Nutrition Natural-T Booster Potentiator is designed to naturally push the limits of an individuals genetics maximizing and support.

Natural T 24 Capsules Natural-T provides the foundation for: Lean Muscle Growth Increased Energy Levels Strength and Performance Healthy Sexual Function An Overall Feeling of Well-being Natural-T: Promotes Activity Supports Healthy Levels, Both Total and Free Helps Maintain a Healthy Balance Between Estrogen & Helps Encourage Protein Synthesis MAXIMIZING YOUR GENETIC POTENTIALSome guys walk by a gym and their muscles grow, for others it takes hard consistent work to make small gains.

Natural T 24 Capsules Most of this has to do with genetics. Now Top Secret Nutrition can't alter your genetics but they can support them in a way that maximizes their potential. Natural-T is designed to support key biological targets involved in producing , estrogen, stimulating protein synthesis, and triggering muscle fiber growth and replication: Biological Targets Production Luteinizing Hormone - Natural T 24 Capsules Via natural pituitary stimulation and support Leydig Cells - Via natural stimulation and support Free Sex Hormone Binding Globulin - Via natural inhibition of this element Estrogen Management Aromatase - Natural T 24 Capsules Via naturally inhibiting this enzyme Stimulation and Protein Synthesis Via naturally upregulating muscle growth genes (PI3K/Akt pathway) Nutrient Absorption Via glucuronidation inhibition and paralleled alteration on both the protein and mRNA expression levels of the nutrient transporter genes.

Natural T 24 Capsules THE NATURAL-T TEAM: PROPRIETARY URSOLIC ACID BLEND (U.A.A.B) is comprised of a patent-pending anti-catabolic lean mass potentiating element. A proprietary extract from the Eriobotrya japonica, better known as the loquat, U.A.A.B. contains several beneficial compounds called triterpenoids.

Natural T 24 Capsules In a recent human clinical trial, U.A.A.B. was suggested to decrease the excretion of 3-methylhistidine (3-MH), which researchers use as an indicator of muscle protein breakdown. Additionally, researchers from the University of Iowa performed an animal study and found evidence that ursolic acid can be anti-catabolic and .

Natural T 24 Capsules They surmised that ursolic acid supported muscle gain and fat loss. OBJECTIVES: Support and Promote Activity Promote Fat Loss BRASSINOSTEROIDS are plant-derived hormones that are found at low levels in pollen, seeds, leaves, and young vegetative tissues throughout the plant kingdom.

Natural T 24 Capsules A recent set of animal studies has suggested that homobrassinolide, a powerful brassinosteroid found in the mustard plant, exhibits activity in skeletal muscle cells. These findings suggest that oral application of homobrassinolide may trigger selective response with minimal or no androgenic side effects.