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Hyperblend BCAA, 120 Capsules, From Top Secret
Bodywell Nutrition

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  • Hyperblend BCAA, 120 Capsules, From Top Secret

Hyperblend BCAA, 120 Capsules, From Top Secret

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Hyperblend BCAA, 120 Capsules, From Top Secret Hyperblend BCAA 120 Capsules BCAA Hyperblend Branched Chain Formula by Top Secret Nutrition Hyperblend BCAA 120 Capsules Top Secret Nutrition - BCAA Hyperblend Branched Chain Formula - 120 Capsules

Hyperblend BCAA 120 Capsules Top Secret Nutrition BCAA Hyperblend combines the power of branched-chain amino acids with ingredients designed to promote activity and enhance absorption to create an incredible one of a kind BCAA supplement.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids Hyperblend BCAA 120 Capsules Of the 20 amino acids that help build protein, nine of these cannot be synthesized in the human body. These nine compounds are referred to as essential amino acids because they must be consumed through food or supplements. Three of these essential amino acids - leucine, isoleucine, and valine - are branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs. Unlike the other amino acids, BCAA’s are metabolized in muscle rather than in the liver, which means that they play a critical role in muscle development because they reach muscle tissue faster.

Hyperblend BCAA 120 Capsules The chemical structure of BCAAs is what makes them so unique. As the name indicates, they have branched carbon chains; it is these side chains that make it easier for the enzymes in your muscle cells to convert BCAAs into envery during exertion. the more BCAAs you have in your muscles, the slower your muscle cells break down muscle fiber. The stimulus from your training remains the same, but you experience less muscle breakdown, so you can build up more .

Hyperblend BCAA 120 Capsules BCAAs, which make up about 40% of the free essential amino acids in blood plasma, are used as an energy source during exercise and play an important part in glyconeogenesis (a mechanism for reusing the glucose used for energy in muscle).

The Leucine Debate Hyperblend BCAA 120 Capsules The research on leucine and how it relates to muscle protien synthesis (MPS) in humans is debated. Some studies report increased MPS while others show suppressed muscle protein breakdown without increased protein synthesis durin gleucine infusion. One point on which all of the studies agree is that leucine is anti-catabolic. The debate is centered on just how leucine is in humans. Further studies on this topic conducted by the researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch (Galveston) have discovered that leucine appears to promote signaling, but not protein anabolism. In other words, leucine stimulates the signal to activate muscle protein synthesis but does not acutally make it happen. Additionally, they found that an infusion of 1.8 grams is sufficient stimulate the signal.

Hyperblend BCAA 120 Capsules Although leucine is definitely the MVP of the BCAA team, it should be combined with the other BCAAs valine and isoleucine for maximum effect.

Valine and Brain Fatigue Hyperblend BCAA 120 Capsules Several research studies have confirmed that taking BCAAs, and in particular valine, before a workout lowers the amount of tryptophan that gets into the brain, thus lessening 5-HT levels and fatigue. Therefore, BCAA ingestion can help to prevent feeling fatigued during workouts, which will allow you to train harder and longer, encouraging greater muscle growth. BCAA supplementation can also help to enhance mood and brain function by reducing brain fatigue through this same mechanism.

Isoleucine Metabolism and Fat Loss Hyperblend BCAA 120 Capsules A recent animal study conducted in Japan has determined that isoleucine is the BCAA that activates the proteins UCP2 and UCP3, which help boost metabolism. Animals in the isoleucine group had lower weight gain and almost 50% less white adipose tissue than the control group.

The BCAA Hyperblend Team:

Hyperblend BCAA 120 Capsules BCAA Blend - A 3:1:1 ratio of leucine (clinically studied 1.8 grams) to isoleucine and valine. Power Blend - Top Secret has inclued ursolic acid and homobrassinolide to enhance the anablic and muscle protein synthesis stimulating effect of BCAAs. Absorption and Effectiveness Blend - Astravar and Bioperine help enhance the absorption of the other pwerful ingredients. Power Blend

Hyperblend BCAA 120 Capsules Ursolic Acid (UA) - is a pentacyclic triterpenic acid with many body-reshaping attributes. Ursolic acid is a very exciting ingredient that has the potential to make a serious impact in sports nutrition industry. Preliminary studies have had some astonishing results.

a. Protect muscle - Results from a study performed by scientists at the University of Iowa and published in Cell Metabolism suggested that ursolic acid reduced muscle atrophy and stimulated muscle hypertrophy. It did this by enhancing skeletal muscle insulin/IGF-I signaling and inhibiting atrophy-associated skeletal muscle mRNA expression

b. Increase fat loss - In an animal study to determine the effect of ursolic acid on abdominal fat and weight loss suggested that ursolic acid prevented abdominal fat accumulation. It was also suggested that this was caused by the stimulation of lipolysis and the inhibition of digestive enzyme lipase.

Homobrassinolide - is a potent brassinosteroid found in the mustard plant. A recent set of animal studies suggest that homobrassinolide exhibits activity in skeletal muscle cells. These findings suggest that oral application of homobrassinolide triggers selective response with minimal or no androgenic side effects including:

Supports and promoting activity Supporting muscle hyperplasia and hypertrophy (number and size of muscle fibers) Supporting muscle repair Increasing overall physical performance Absorption and Effectiveness Blend The Rhodiola rosea, Astragin, and Bioperine combination is designed to improve the effectiveness of branched chain amino acid supplementation. Absorption and Effectiveness Blend helps:

Improve absorption of performance enhancing ingredients Delay onset of fatigue Enhance recovery Vitamin B6 - acts as a coenzyme to many other enzymes that are involved with metabolism in the body. Vitamin B6 plays a key role in amino acid metabolism and is involved in the first step in the metabolism of BCAAs via its role in catalyzing the enzyme aminotransferase.

BCAA Hyperblend Frequently Asked Questions:

How often should I take the BCAA Hyperblend? For maximum protein synthesis support, take 4 capsules twice per day.

Can I take BCAA Hyperblend before I workout? Yes, many people like to take branched chain amino acids before they workout, and BCAA Hyperblend, because of its component is a great product to take pre-workout alone, or with your normal pre-workout supplement.

About Top Secret Nutrition Top Secret Nutrition has revolutionized the nutrition world by offering consumers everything they need to transform their physique and improve their overall health.

From scientifically sound products to consumer education, Top Secret Nutrition are committed to giving professional athletes and active adults alike the tools they need to look and feel their best. Their team is committed to developing the most innovative products that not only work, but if applicable also taste great! As a leader in the nutrition industry, they continually improve upon their products and services by staying abreast of breaking developments in sports nutrition and food science.

Top Secret Nutrition have an unbending commitment to quality and ethics. They only use the best and safest ingredients for our formulations and make every effort to ensure that their product claims are based on facts. They only use GMP Quality Assurance Certified manufacturers.

Top Secret Nutrition's Mission Top Secret Nutrition's mission is to create high quality innovative products for you to look, feel and be your best.

Provide customers with the highest quality natural products, and scientifically validated information and education on physical and mental fitness and health. Extend best nutrition, exercise, and bodybuilding practices from athletes and enthusiasts to the general population of active adults. Help customers look, feel and live better and to perform at their highest potential in all areas of their lives, because fitness and health provides the foundation for a happy life. Leave everyone touched by their organization-customers, employees, suppliers, retailers, media, and other individuals and groups-better off for having worked with them. Become the leader in natural nutritional supplements for athletes and for active adults of all ages, regardless of the sport or physical activity they pursue. Continue philanthropic efforts to educate and empower parents and children in the fight against childhood obesity. Top Secret Nutrition's Vision Top Secret Nutrition believes in and is committed to quality in all they do. Furthermore, they will foster a mutually respectful teamwork relationship with their consumers, athletes, researchers, and business partners. They will enhance the quality of life for everyone by providing the best information on training, nutrition and supplementation. Their ongoing, science-based education in nutrition, fitness and wellness is their reason for being. They're dedicated to those who are dedicated to taking ownership of their fitness, health, and well being.Hyperblend BCAA 120 Capsules