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Lean Body Mass 60, Muscle Builder Milk Shake, Vanilla Ice Cream, 6 lb, Labrada Nutrition
Labrada Nutrition

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  • Lean Body Mass 60, Muscle Builder Milk Shake, Vanilla Ice Cream, 6 lb, Labrada Nutrition

Lean Body Mass 60, Muscle Builder Milk Shake, Vanilla Ice Cream, 6 lb, Labrada Nutrition

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Manufacturer : Labrada Nutrition
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Dietary supplement. 60g Protein. Build size & muscle! Delicious taste! 5g CreaLean Creatine. 98% Lactose free. 96% Fat free. Blend of 6 proteins. Guaranteed to get you big! The Lee Labrada Story. Once upon a time, I made my living as a professional bodybuilder. I worked with the world's largest sports supplement companies. Faceless mega-companies that were out of touch with the people they sell their products to athletes, fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders like you and me. So, I started my own company because I knew I could do a better job. I own and run Labrada Nutrition, which was born out of customers' needs, not selfish profit. Since 1995, we have earned the title of The Most Trusted Name in Sports Nutrition. I proudly lay my reputation on the line with my personal quality guarantee seal. I take pride in offering the cleanest and best tasting supplements available. Labrada products have won major taste awards, including the NNFA's People Choice Award and Gold Medals from the American Tasting Institute. As an athlete, I've put thousands of hours into my training, diet and supplementation. I've learned what works and what doesn't. It's no wonder that athletes and bodybuilders have come to recognize Labrada as The most trusted name in sports nutrition. If you'll give me the opportunity, I'll earn your trust too. Why you should use Lean Body Mass 60: Made for hard gainers. If you need help putting on muscle and weight, then Lean Body Mass 60 is for you. Guaranteed to put weight on you, or your money back. Lean Body Mass 60 is easy to use. Just eat your normal breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drink a Lean Body Mass 60 shake at mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and again before bedtime. Contains a time-released blend of 6 high quality proteins plus creatine to support anabolic muscle growth. Each serving supplies 60 grams of protein, the highest protein content of any product in its class. No bloating, because Lean Body Mass 60 is 98% lactose free, 96% fat free, and contains no aspartame, sucrose or fructose. Lab tested to meet label claim of potency. Designed by an athlete for athletes!---Typical Amino Acid Profile/BCAAs (Per Serving)- Alanine 1472mg, Arginine 682mg, Aspartate 3159mg, Cystine 718mg, Glutamate 3625mg, Glycine 1400mg, Histidine 538mg, Isoleucine 574mg, Leucine 3231mg, Lysine 2692mg, Methionine 610mg, Phenylalanine 1005mg, Proline 1651mg, Serine 1400mg, Threonine 1902mg, Tryptophan 503mg, Tyrosine 897mg, Valine 1723mg.