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Napalm, Fruit Punch , 45 Servings - 248g, Muscle Warfare
Muscle Warfare

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  • Napalm, Fruit Punch , 45 Servings - 248g, Muscle Warfare

Napalm, Fruit Punch , 45 Servings - 248g, Muscle Warfare

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Muscle Warfare - Napalm Pre-Performance Workout Catalyst Fruit Punch 45 Servings - 248 Grams

Muscle Warfare Napalm is a pre-performance workout catalyst. Don't fall for it, micro workout are for wimps. Time to Get Massive! Napalm Fruit Punch The New Napalm Precision Series is the absolute most potent DMAA free pre-workout formula ever made! It was specially designed with a precise ratio of amino acids and amino acid based metabolites, which synergistically feed off each other to unlock "never before experienced" stimulant powder! you are just going to have to try it for yourself to believe it! Napalm Fruit Punch

Product Highlights

Incomparable Training Intensity Massive Pumps & Vascularity Napalm Fruit Punch Positive Mood & Energy Very Potent, Long Lasting Effects The "Secret" to this Technology… It all starts with the scientific research of each of the amino based ingredients, then ends with their exact dosing. Sounds simple… but they spent months and months beta testing this formula… and finally came up with a version, so potent, that the vast majority of users prefer it to the old one! That's a tall order… but it's the plain truth. So, even though some other companies may try to knock off our "precise ratio" concept, the effects of their new Napalm formula cannot be duplicated. All other pre-workout product results are simply "micro" in comparison. Napalm Fruit Punch

So, what can you expect… is an energy experience just as, if not more potent than the previous DMAA formula. In fact, the new Napalm produces more of an intense, focused mood lift rather than the angry buzz attained from their previous DMAA version. Simply put, the new Napalm has an even cleaner feeling. So, if you have to work or go "out on the town" after training, you'll feel incredible to do it! Best of all, the pumps are WAY better, seriously engorging, and there has been no crash reported from their any of their beta testers either! Napalm Fruit Punch

In fact, once they knew what to expect before taking the product, virtually all of them preferred THE NEW VERSION to their old one. It also utilizes more of an exact measuring protocol (instead of one scoop fits all), which targets your specific bodyweight, so you'll be able to get the perfectly dosed workout every time! Oh yeah, It's loaded with BCAA's for intense amino acid based muscle building support. Plus a very pure, 1:1 ratio of Arginine to Citrulline for maximum (NO) nitric oxide PUMP amplification, with Betaine. It simply includes everything you need to radically boost performance, and nothing that you don't! Napalm Fruit Punch

Napalm Precision Series simply has no equal and your results will completely amaze you! So don't wait… be the first to try it and tell all your friends about it… or better yet, when they see your results in the gym, they'll be asking you, no… begging you to try a serving! Be sure to get your bottle of THE NEW NAPALM today!

About Muscle Warfare Muscle Warfare is a cutting edge sports nutrition manufacturer that is passionately driven to create and distribute the absolute highest quality products in the marketplace. Every product they develop has been forged with great experience and focus on maximizing product efficacy for real world results. Furthermore, Muscle Warfare products are rigorously tested by top testing labs to help insure them free of banned substances. They are truly committed to helping all athletes achieve and surpass their highest goals and potential. Napalm Fruit Punch

Quality Muscle Warfare's new Precision Series is a masterly formulated line utilizing the finest selection of raw materials. Through advanced quality control procedures, they insure the absolute highest level of finished product ever available. Napalm Fruit Punch

Performance Nothing feels and works like Muscle Warfare. The level of performance form this elite brand is guaranteed to provide incomparable benefit for all professional and Olympic athletes, bodybuilders, and every day athletes everywhere. You will be simply amazed by the potent effects. Napalm Fruit Punch

Results Products designed with one purpose: to provide plateau destroying, competition dominating results. No matter which category of product you choose, or even when combining them all, you will unquestionably discover how they've redefined the standard of excellence. Napalm Fruit Punch