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1.M.R Powder, Fruit Punch, One More Rep, 224 Grams, From BPI
BPI Sports

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  • 1.M.R Powder, Fruit Punch, One More Rep, 224 Grams, From BPI

1.M.R Powder, Fruit Punch, One More Rep, 224 Grams, From BPI

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Make Every Workout Your Best
BPI Sports 1.M.R is the ultimate pre-workout powder, formulated to give you the extra edge. With just one scoop you will experience extreme Energy, strength, and vascularity. It will take you to the next level of performance and intensity, making every workout your very best workout.

Volumizing Pump Blend

This product is for strength trainers, wanting to gain muscle and improve their performance in the gym. 1.M.R's Volumizing Pump Blend contains many of the muscle building ingredients, such as Creatine and amino acids, which will help you increase in size and strength as well as aid in recovery. The caffeine and l-arginine in the blend make it possible for you to hit the weights like never before. The powdered drink mix allows for an easy on the go pre-workout drink. Just one scoop with 6-8 ounces of water, 15-30 minutes before your workout is all you need to experience these incredible gains. For those who rather take it in pill form.

One More Rep

You will finally be able to achieve your goals or even surpass them; 1.M.R gives you the boost so you can get in “one more rep”. After you discover what 1.M.R can do, you won't want to train without it.

BPI Sports 1.M.R Highlights

Powerful dose of energy
Increase strength and size
Improved performance and intensity
Get in 'One More Rep'
This product comes in three flavors Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch and Lemon Lime

More Info

BPI's 1 M.R fruit punch is a dietary supplement that provides ample energy and strength. It enhances blood circulation and stretches every vein to strengthen the muscles. For every serving of the fruit punch, Creatine Ethyl Ester Malate is deposited into your muscles which aids in strengthening them. The basic ingredients of fruit punch are Vitamin C, Grape Seed extract, red wine extract and a Pre workout monster energy proprietary mix. Grape seed extracts is an efficient source of a number of vital nutrients such as Vitamin E, linoleic acid and OPCs. It is known to be effective in wound healing, osteoporosis, dental and skin health. The red wine extract content of the punch helps fight obesity and is a useful component in weight management diets. So buy the 1MR fruit punch to lead an overall healthy life. In particular, it rejuvenates vital energy, improves blood circulation and helps build lean muscle mass.

It is recommended to consume fruit punch exclusively on training days. It is a potent tool for workout and is typically consumed on workout days only. It is advised to consume a spoon along with 6-8 ounces of cold water before 15-30 minutes of training. One should avoid partaking food or drinking a protein shake after 1MR for the next one hour. It is also advised not to partake beyond recommended dosage levels. Consult your physician in case of adverse effects. Usually, when taken in the right dosage, the fruit punch acts efficiently without side effects.

1 MR fruit punch contains corn products and is not advised for persons below 18 years of age. Fruit punch contains carbohydrates, caffeine and niacin in adequate levels. Fruit punch also contains certain ingredients which are prohibited by sports organization, so consult regulatory bodies when using for professional purposes. Usage of 1 MR fruit punch helps you in working out efficiently and helps you experience results faster and effectively. The punch helps bodybuilders and athletes to enhance performance and keep the vital energy up. Coming from the house of BPI, the punch has the assurance of quality and efficiency that makes it a must have in the daily dietary routine of any workout enthusiast.

Strength. Pump. Energy. Focus. 'The Original' 1.M.R. One.More.Rep. Ultra Concentrated Pre-Workout Powder. 3x More Powerful. Rapid Onset Energy. 1MR Product Highlights: Energy. Strength. Pump. Focus. No Jitters! No Crash! For Best Results: Stack with BLOX and A-HD. Please read entire label before use. 1MR is an extremely powerful workout tool that is to be consumed on workout days only.