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A-HD, 42 Capsules, From BPI
BPI Sports

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  • A-HD, 42 Capsules, From BPI

A-HD, 42 Capsules, From BPI

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A-HD, 42 Capsules, From BPI A-HD 42 Capsules BPI Sports - A-HD Ultra-Concentrated Booster Large Size 250 mg. - 42 Capsules

A-HD 42 Capsules is a novel compound Boosting Agent, Androgenic/Estrogenic Modulator. Introducing A-HD the ultimate estrogenic modulator and androgenic formula! A-HD is designed to support increased production while minimizing estrogen activity. Zero to little estrogen leads to a harder, leaner, more dry looking physique. No more holding water, no more bloated looks, just rock-hard shredded muscle!

BPI Sports A-HD Features

A-HD 42 Capsules Just One Ultra-Concentrated Capsule a Day A-HD 42 Capsules Booster A-HD 42 Capsules Androgenic & Estrogenic Modulator A-HD 42 Capsules #1 PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

A-HD 42 Capsules is the androgenic/estrogenic modulator of choice, as well as the top PCT (post cycle therapy), among all hardcore bodybuilders in the "know." Ever wonder how to get that long lasting, hard-as-nails, dense, muscular look? This is it. A-HD is The Ultra Concentrated Booster. Just one small capsule a day. That's it. Not 2-4 capsules at a time. Don't waste your time with anything else because THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE A-HD.

BPI Sports A-HD 42 Capsules Since Day 1, BPI Sports have painstakingly set out to separate BPI SPORTS from ANY and EVERY other nutritional line. They've done so by providing you with high-quality formulas, ingredients and supplement panels that without argument are head and shoulders above everyone else. BPI has carved out a strong and growing reputation as the very BEST of the BEST.