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Shot Bloks, Organic Electrolyte Chews, Citrus, 18 Packages, From Clif
Clif Bar

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  • Shot Bloks, Organic Electrolyte Chews, Citrus, 18 Packages, From Clif

Shot Bloks, Organic Electrolyte Chews, Citrus, 18 Packages, From Clif

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Clif Shot Bloks are delicious Energy chew supplements which provide ample electrolytes and nutrition to the body. The primary ingredient is brown rice syrup which supplies carbohydrates and vitamins. These energy Bloks from the house of Clif Bar Inc. provide vital nutrients to the body and prevent muscle cramps. It is certified by the USDA as organic food and boosts your performance in day to day activities. Buy the chewing Bloks if you are looking to meet your daily energy requirements and improve the overall quality of your health. Organic food is grown devoid of pesticide and fertilizers and is considered to be healthier than normal crops. Clif Shot Bloks ingredients are derived from these organic crops. There are 3 shot Bloks in a single serve package which is equivalent to 100 calories.

A container of Clif Shot Bloks has 12 packets of three each. Ingredients of these Bloks are a multitude of proteins, carbohydrates and sodium. It is recommended to consume these 3 to 6 Bloks every hour during physical activity. Always ensure to drink water following consumption as liquid and proteins together will guarantee better nutrition to the body. Each single serving of Blok has 24 grams of carbohydrates which is equivalent to 8% of daily calorie diet. Carbohydrates are efficient in replenishing the muscle energy and efficiency and thereby boost performance in day to day activities. Adequate consumption of sodium is mandatory to maintain the proper balance of fluids in the body. Each single serving of Blok contains 70 milligram of sodium which constitute 3% of daily calorie diet. A pack of Bloks provide ample electrolytes and carbohydrates which assist in providing energy to muscles and improve efficiency. Electrolytes are also known as mineral salts which are very important for a healthy body.

The Clif Shot Blocks come in an array of flavors and provide a healthy way to replenish Vitamins A, C, Calcium and Iron in your body. Buy these supplements if you are looking for a supplement to replenesih you energy needs with minimum side effects. In case you develop allergies towards them, you may consult your physician for the right dosage.

As an athlete and Clif Bar's founder, I've enjoyed my share of Clif Bars and Clif Shot energy gel. But after countless miles of training and racing, it was time to expand the options, which is why we created Clif Shot Bloks. They come in delicious, bite-sized pieces so you can easily customize your nutrition – on the fly. Plus, with the unique Fastpak, accessing your nutrition has never been easier. So if you're ready for more variety, grab some Shot Bloks the next time you head out the door. 95% Organic. Clean, Natural Performance. The Fastpak: Sports Nutrition On The Fly. Sleek and Portable. Enables one-handed use and easily fits in a bike jersey, running shorts, or backpack.