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3:1 Protein Bar, Granola Oatmeal, 12 Bars
2-1 Protein Bar

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  • 3:1 Protein Bar, Granola Oatmeal, 12 Bars

3:1 Protein Bar, Granola Oatmeal, 12 Bars

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With 30g of protein to every 11g of net carbs, 3:1 Protein Bars provide just the right amount of lean muscle fuel to help you stay primed for optimum results.
With 30g of protein to every 11g of net carbs, 3:1 Protein Bars provide just the right amount of lean muscle fuel to help you stay primed for optimum results. Whether you need more Energy for training or simply looking for a healthy snacking alternative to get you through a midday lull, 3:1 Protein Bar can help you. The protein blend provides immediate source of natural energy that doesn't rely on sugar spikes or stimulants (like some Energy Drinks) just to keep you going. Seeing better muscle gains and increases in strength and stamina relies on preparing the body for maximum growth potential. The healthy source of protein and carbs that 3:1 provides is just that sort of fuel.

3:1 Protein Bar:

30g of Protein.
11g of Net Carbs.
Provides Immediate and Lasting Energy.
Supports Lean Muscle Development.
Stay Trim and Tone.
Maintain an Active Lifestyle.
Healthy Snacking Promotes Feeling Fuller Longer.

Stay on Your Diet
One of the biggest culprits of spoiling diets for athletes and just about anybody looking to stay fit usually boils down to one thing: hunger. When you are eating for the right reasons, not stress eating, the body is actually signaling that it requires more nutrition. It's quality over quantity. Unfortunately for most individuals that feeling can strike at any point of the day. This can easily leave you susceptible to reaching for the quickest and most available option which is typically some candy bar from a vending machine, or worse some fast food on your way between daily activities. Clearly both of these options are not wise choices for healthy living.

With 3:1 Protein Bar you can naturally reduce your food cravings by giving your body the immediate and fast release of muscle fuel that the protein blend and net carbs in 3:1.

Tried and True
The protein blend in 3:1 Protein Bars consists of a typical protein blend composition of isolates sourced from whey, milk, and soy. Each serving also contains Whey Protein Concentrate. While there is nothing drastically unique about this protein blend it does represent a common foothold of protein supplements and Protein Shakes. This lies in the fact that this sort of protein blend is immediately bioavailable for maximum energy release and protein synthesis support.

Protein runs throughout the entire 3:1 Protein Bar. Everything from the yogurt coating, the soy protein crisps, and of course the core, all provide adequate protein support. When coupled with the 11g of net carbs, 3:1 Protein Bar is a smart go-to protein bar to help support whatever your day throws at you.

30g protein. 11g net carbs. 5g fiber. More protein. Less carbs. MetraGeniX has developed the world's first meal replacement bars with varied ratios to net carbohydrates, allowing you to select your preferred ratio for optimal results. This cutting-edge technology may help support your goals for weight loss and lean muscle growth. MetraGeniX will continue to raise the bar on health and nutrition.