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Carbo Force, Fruit Punch, 24 Bottles, From ABB
American Body Building

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  • Carbo Force, Fruit Punch, 24 Bottles, From ABB

Carbo Force, Fruit Punch, 24 Bottles, From ABB

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Manufacturer : American Body Building
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Carbo-Force: American Body Building
During intense workouts, the fuel of choice contains fast, quality Carbohydrates, Electrolytes, nourishing abilities, and hydration.
Carbo-Force from American Body Building is an Energy source and a post-workout recovery aid. Serving dual purposes, Carbo-Force is a convenient and effective tool toward combating fatigue before a session and the 'pain drain' after a session.

Let's imagine you're getting ready to build a new home. You have gotten all the blueprints figured out and the next thing you need is to make sure you've got the proper supplies, or else the walls aren't going up. You don't won't to get ready for a full day's worth of work with only half of your necessary supplies. Carbohydrates work for the body in a similar way. Without having these energy providing building blocks in sufficient quantity and quality your workout is going to go to waste. A whole 'day's worth of work gone.

So instead of being concerned if you have eaten the proper amount of carbs to give your body the body building energy required to help promote your activities, you should just go for a drink like Carbo Force. The engineers at American Body Building have created Carbo Force to give you high-quality energy and glycogen replenishment in this 18 oz pre-workout/post-workout drink that contains a substantial, hearty dose of 100 grams of Stacked Carbs.

Don't sweat your performance, leave the sweat on your gym towel when you're done.

The Good

Carbo Force is loaded with the right types of carbs. There seems to be a constant confusion over what are good carbs and what are bad carbs. If you are working out intensively, then you really don't need to worry yourself with whether or not a carb is right or wrong for you. Your body is going to burn it up regardless. The most important difference between the good and the bad carb is how much it effects your blood glucose levels.

Good carbohydrates cause little to no spike in your glycemic index. The instant rise in your blood sugar levels will inevitably create the following infamous crash, which nobody enjoys. Carbo force, contains 100 g of the right kind of carbs, and only 15 grams of sugar for the whole bottle! One thing you're not going to have to worry about with this drink is a sudden drop in energy. Carbo Force, leaves you with nothing but loads of essential building blocks ready for your body to transform them into results.

Not Just for the Gym

Some products that are out there are definitely geared more for the hardcore. Products that contain extremely high levels of proteins and carbohydrates that are only going to be utilized during the most intensive of workouts. Carbo Force, is actually made for just about any level of physical activity. The 100 g of carbs that are in the drink constitute about 33% of your daily recommended intake. So no matter what physical adventure you are getting ready to go on , Carbo Force, is a great way to give your body a good source of fuel to carry you through.

With it being low in sugar, and only containing the better 'good' carbs, you don't need to worry about extra carbs trying to set up camp in your fat cells. The body's ability to translate these carbs into usable viable energy is extremely efficient. This drink is made to help you either before or after your workout, no matter whether it is a 5k run or a full day of running meetings. It's the right size to give you just what you need without being too much.

Don't Sell Yourself Short

So no matter what physical activity you are taking on, make sure for your body's sake, that you are giving yourself the right amount of fuel to get the job done. You wouldn't try to drive across the country on a half-tank of gas.

Don't try to get through whatever sport you are into without having high-quality carbohydrates on your side. Aside from giving you the energy that you need, Carbo Fuel is also designed to help promote lean muscle growth.

Not only is this drink able to keep

A Force To Be Reckoned With
During intense workouts, the fuel of choice contains fast, quality Carbohydrates, Electrolytes, nourishing abilities, and hydration. Carbo-Force initiates a workout by empowering the user, then sets up a hydrating, nourishing, caloric recovery beverage: limiting the painful post-workout. Performance of an energy beverage is critical to improving workouts, saving the body from the devastating after session pain.

The recommended use for this product is to consume one Carbo-Force prior to a session, continuing the drink during the session to stay hydrated and consuming another upon completion of the workout. This product should also be consumed chilled: ultimately giving the user a refreshing, thirst quenching item.

Ingredients For Alert Workouts
High energy and long lasting workouts without long lasting pain is established through 400 Calories, 110 mg Sodium, 100 g of Total Carbohydrates, 140 mg Phosphorus, and Glycogen to give fast energy. With the Carbohydrate Blend of Maltodextrin, Dextrose, High Maltose Rice Syrup, Palatinose, Ribose, and Rice Oligodextrin, Carbo-Force fuels the body, while preparing it for the effects of the post-workout. Carbohydrate derived energy in this product is faster and an efficient mechanism to get the desired effects and the added benefits of hydrating, nourishing the body for maximum performance.

Less Pain, More Gain
The easy storage and portability of Carbo-Force makes the product that much more attractive to athletes on the move. In every bottle of Carbo-Force is the potential and power beverage that produces a more alert workout and a less painful recovery: the essential combination for successful workouts. Cup holder friendly bottles with the ability to re-open and transport with ease only adds to the appeal of Carbo-Force: sipping the product is recommended to maintain hydration and the easy grip plastic bottle will make reaching for a mid session quench that much easier.

American Body Building demands perfection from all of its products: ensuring a safe and satisfactory product at all times. With an overall positive review of the product, Carbo-Force Energy and Recovery Pre-Workout Drink provides realistic and adequate results: allowing American Body Building to remain viable in a highly competitive sports beverage market.