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TurboShaker, Clear
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  • TurboShaker, Clear

TurboShaker, Clear

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Turbo Shaker Sublime Series Shaker Cup Clear - 28 oz.

Turbo Shaker Sublime Series Shaker Cup Clear with its patented "fin technology" mixes better than any other shaker…and faster, too! It is easy to clean, extremely lightweight and available in a variety of colors. With its leak-proof screw top lid, drinking spout with rubber stopper and the patented "fin technology", there is no better shaker available!TurboShaker Clear TurboShaker Clear BPA-free Easy to clean Patented "fin" design for better blending Use for protein mixes, cocktails, sauces, dressings and more! Comes in several great color combinations.

The Turbo Shaker's patented fins are located on the bottom of the shaker and on its lid. These molded "fins" allow you to mix contents thoroughly and evenly, producing a consistency similar to an electric blender! Utilizing a space age polymer coating on the inside of the shaker, even clean up is easier than any other shaker. Simply rinse and put in your dishwasher or hand washTurboShaker Clear.

The Turbo Shaker has no loose parts, no compartments, no balls, no screens, no extra gadgets, nothing that you could lose or misplace…It is Simple by Design!

The Turbo Shaker weighs only 3oz, so you can throw it in your gym bag, put it in an overnight bag, bring it to work, or even to a party. The Turbo Shaker fits nicely in your cup holder and has a capacity of 28oz, making it the perfect travel companion TurboShaker Clear.

Turbo Shaker Uses: TurboShaker Clear Perfect for Powdered Nutrition Drinks - Pour desired amount of milk, water, or juice into the Turbo Shaker, add powder and crushed ice (if desired), then shake. Approximately 5-6 shakes makes perfect, clump free drinks.

Whips Scrambled Eggs in an Instant - You can take either egg whites or break whole eggs into the Turbo Shaker, add a few ounces of milk, some salt and pepper and a few effortless shakes later you have scrambled eggs ready to pour into a pan. Going camping? Simply break eggs into the Turbo Shaker, apply cap, throw into cooler and use when needed.

Pancake Mix - Whether at home or out camping, there is nothing better for breakfast then pancakes, however, making them can become a total mess. With the Turbo Shaker, you can premix your pancake powder at home, shake it up and throw it in the cooler. When you're ready for breakfast at the campfire, simply shake you pancake mix and pour on the griddle. Whatever you don't use can be stored for the next day or taken home.

Salad Dressing Without the Oily Mess - We all know how messy salad dressing can be. With the Turbo Shaker, powdered dressing is as easy as 1-2-3. First, add desired liquid (vinegar, olive oil, etc.), add contents of packet and shake.

Adults Love It for Margaritas and Martinis! - The Turbo Shaker is the ultimate outdoor drink mixer. From its convenient pop-top, to its sturdy plastic exterior, the Turbo Shaker makes perfect drinks every time without the mess. The 100% leak proof lid makes for easy pouring and cooler storage TurboShaker Clear.

Instant Pudding or Jell-O - Easy and mess free! Add liquid, add powder and shake. Pours easily into molds or small tins for a mess free snack. With the Turbo Shaker, stirring and mixing just became a thing of the past.

Kids Love It for Powdered Drinks! - When the kids home from school and want to make their favorite powdered drink, whether it's Kool-Aid, tang, Instant Breakfast etc., wouldn't it be nice if they could do it without having to use a spoon and a glass which usually ends up in a sticky mess on the counter? Children 10 and older have used the Turbo Shaker for perfect, no mess beverages over and over again.

Whether you are making a nutritional shake, drinking iced coffee, mixing scrambled eggs, relaxing with a margarita or making a powdered drink for your kids, you will see that compared to the Turbo Shaker, everything else is just a cup!