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Enhanced Pre-Workout, Fruit Punch, 148 Grams, From PES

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  • Enhanced Pre-Workout, Fruit Punch, 148 Grams, From PES

Enhanced Pre-Workout, Fruit Punch, 148 Grams, From PES

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SALE Physique Enhancing Science: ENHANCED 40 servings Enhanced Pre-Workout Fruit Punch

ADVANCED STRENGTH FORMULA Cutting Edge PWO Designed to Enhance Mind-Muscle Connection!* Enhanced Pre-Workout Fruit Punch

Enhanced is a cutting-edge stimulant based pre-workout designed to stimulate the mind-muscle connection, providing extreme focus and pumps where brains meet brawn.* Enhanced Pre-Workout Fruit Punch Novel Amino Nitrate Superior Stimulant System Triple-Phase Pump System World Class Taste PES' NEW Enhanced: An Ultra Advanced Pre-Workout! Enhanced Pre-Workout Fruit Punch Let’s face it: gaining muscle isn’t easy. Aside from eating the right foods day in and day out, you need to bust your butt in the gym to see results.Enhanced Pre-Workout Fruit Punch If you want your muscles to grow, you need to get stronger, and if you want to get stronger, you need to bring intensity to your training sessions so that you lift more weight with each successive workout. You need to Get Enhanced.

Enhanced Key Highlights:

New Stimulant Feel! Novel Amino Nitrate! Enhanced Pre-Workout Fruit Punch Triple-Phase Pump System! World Class Taste! Superior Strength Stimulant Complex: The Mind Enhanced Pre-Workout Fruit Punch

When PES decided to master the mind-muscle connection, we wanted to make your mind and body the ultimate powerhouse working in harmony.

Swertia chirayita – consider it the new kid on the block… Enhanced Pre-Workout Fruit Punch

Over 190 compounds have been found in the Swertia species, from xanthones to alkaloids. We spent months on end testing different species and different extractions. . Alas…we found an all new feel to the supplement industry in our Swertia chirayita extract when combined with the other ingredients in the Enhanced formula. The novel xanthones in this species provide a feel that not only is all new, but hit the same every time you take it. Enhanced Pre-Workout Fruit Punch

Enhanced uses a well-crafted energy foundation behind the Swertia extract consisting of caffeine, Norcoclaurine HCl, and a novel extract, nPYE™.

nPYE™ may look familiar at first glance of the label, but be assured this is not some dirty yohimbe extract you’ve taken before. More than 25 public beta testers and none of them would have guessed there’s any form of yohimbe. As SA2-A™ is a novel extract used in Alphamine, nPYE™ is another novel extract that perfectly rounds off the formula’s feel. This plant has more than a dozen alkaloids, all with very different feel… Enhanced Pre-Workout Fruit Punch

Unparalleled Vascularity and Pump: The Muscle

Enhanced uses a pump and vascularity combination that is incomparable… a patented form of Leucine known as Leucine Nitrate coupled with Agmatine Sulfate. Nitrates and Agmatine are each separately becoming the rave for their unparalleled pumps and vascularity, but in Enhanced we combine them for the ultimate result: muscles feeling like balloons and roadmap veins that keep you coming back for more.

That is what Enhanced brings you…the energy and focus of a concentrated pre-workout, with the pumps and vascularity of a bulky pump powder.

Acetylcholine Trifecta: The Connection

You see, whether you’re big or small, you will always have some amount muscle on your frame but you don’t have access to every muscle fiber at any given period in time. For instance, when you do a set of bench press, you may only have 70% of your muscle fibers firing throughout the set. The reason for this is that each of your muscle cells is paired with a neuron that controls whether or not the muscle fiber will contract. The goal: get more muscle fibers firing.

It all begins where your neurons connect with your muscles: a region known as the neuromuscular junction (NMJ). The NMJ is quite literally a connection of your mind and your muscles that use a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine to send signals.

PES uses a special blend of choline bitartrate, cytidine 5'-diphosphocholine (CDP-Choline), and Norcoclaurine HCl to target this special mechanism. No product before has unlocked its potential in the way Enhanced has…something gym goers will truly appreciate when they grab ahold of the iron and prepare to set a new personal record…

Here’s The Reality:

Unless you master the mind-muscle connection, you may never reach your growth potential. The solution isn’t training harder. It’s training smarter. It’s time to destroy old plateaus, train like never before, and make the fastest progress you’ve ever seen in the gym. It’s time to Get Enhanced!