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HumaPro, Sour Grape, 667 Grams, From ALRI

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  • HumaPro, Sour Grape, 667 Grams, From ALRI

HumaPro, Sour Grape, 667 Grams, From ALRI

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Manufacturer : ALRI
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HumaPro is 99% utilized and therefore creates next to little cellular waste.
HumaPro is a lean mass gainer specifically engineered to maximize the bioavailability of essential components to lean muscle development. HumaPro is 99% utilized and therefore creates next to little cellular waste. It is completely pre-digested which causes HumaPro to provide excellent protein synthesis support without the stomach discomfort that some Creatine supplements and other Weight Gainers produce. HumaPro is a vegan supplement and also supports those that are on a gluten free diet. Maintain an active, healthy lifestyle with the support of HumaPro.


Vegan and Gluten Free.
Maximum Absorption.
Only 5 Calories.
Build Better, Leaner Muscle Mass.
Stay Trim and Tone.
Propel Energy Levels In A Nutritious Manner.
Powder Formula.
No Bloating or Stomach Discomfort.

Advanced Weight Gainer
Many beginning athletes focus simply on protein intake through protein supplements or other bodybuilding supplements. The truth is that the body can only handle so much protein without directly addressing the physiological requirements necessary for optimized protein synthesis. HumaPro supports over five times the lean muscle mass gain as supplementing with whey protein alone.

It also has the capacity to helps you lower body fat at least 200% more than whey protein. A large portion of this is due to the high amount of waste the body produces as a result of consuming whey protein. Most of a whey protein gets flushed out of the system. HumaPro is 99% instantly bioavailable.

Positive Nitrogen Balance
The high output capacity for HumaPro in regards to it being a superior protein type rests in its ability to help the body maintain a positive nitrogen balance. This is crucial to maintaining a high rate of protein synthesis which is one of the fundamental aspects of developing better muscle gains. Because the body is able to utilize more of each serving of HumaPro a natural high level of energy is produced.

The heightened state of energy and drive is consistently maintained because of the resource rich and instantized composition of HumaPro. Staying highly active on your pursuit of a better life has never been easier and you can do it without the need for speedy Energy Drinks or Ephedra-based diet pills.

HumaPro is produced in a cGMP and NSF certified facility, utilizing USP pharmaceutical grade Ajinomoto Amino Acids. HumaPro does not contain any dairy or animal products, sodium, gluten, sugar or preservatives. Ajinomoto Amino Acids are 100% vegetable origin enzyme assimilated and purified without any synthetic ingredients, reagents or harmful chemicals.