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Belly OFF, 90 Softgels, From Biogenetic Laboratories

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  • Belly OFF, 90 Softgels, From Biogenetic Laboratories

Belly OFF, 90 Softgels, From Biogenetic Laboratories

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Belly OFF, 90 Softgels, From Biogenetic Laboratoriesbiogenetic-belly-off-90 BioGenetic Laboratories - Belly Off CLA + YGD Weight-Loss Blend - 90 Softgels

Belly OFF 90 Softgels Bio Genetic Laboratories Belly Off contains a breakthrough new CLA and YGD weight loss blend. Belly OFF 90 Softgels Three new published research studies reveal that losing weight and reducing bodyfat, especially around the waist, could be as easy as taking a daily CLA supplement, and now combined with a new weight-loss blend, suggest it may make the weight loss easier and more profound.

Belly OFF 90 Softgels CLINICAL STUDIES on the key ingredients, over 6 weeks, suggest they may help:

Belly OFF 90 Softgels Reduce the appearance of belly fat Belly OFF 90 Softgels Curb hunger and boost energy Belly OFF 90 Softgels Support losing more bodyweight than diet alone feeling lighter, healthier, and more confident

Can CLA Help You Lose Belly Fat?

Belly OFF 90 Softgels STUDY #1: The US set out to investigate conjugated linoleic acid (CLA, naturally derived from safflower oil) and included 40 overweight adults. For the duration of the study, participants took either CLA or a placebo (a pill that contains no active). During this time, the participants were asked not to change their diets. The researchers found those talking CLA lost significantly more bodyfat and weight than those taking the placebo. That's not all. During November and December (the US holiday season), those participants in the study taking the placebo gained more weight than those taking CLA.

Belly OFF 90 Softgels STUDY #2: More recently, at the Experimental Biology medical conference, scientists presented a fascinating study in which another group was supplemented with CLA or CLA plus guarana. After only 6 weeks, both groups showed a substantial reduction in fat mass. In the CLA-only group, the decrease in fat mass was due to a reduction in a fat mass was due to a reduction in fat-cell size, without a change in fat-cell number, without a change in fat-cell number. In the CLA plus guarana group, both fat-cell size and number were reduced by 50% over the CLA-only group. (FASEB 2002).

Belly OFF 90 Softgels STUDY #3: A study recently published in the International Journal of Obesity concluded that CLA reduces abdominal fat among men classified as abdominally obese. This double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial observed 25 men with significant abdominal fat for four weeks. At the conclusion of the study the participants taking CLA lost an average of 1.4 cm in waist circumference (abdominal diameter) after only four weeks. What's interesting is that none of the study participants changed the eating or exercise habits during the trial period.

Belly OFF 90 Softgels At BioGenetics, they believe your health and happiness matter most. That's why for more than 10 years, they've been helping hundreds and thousands of people, just like you, make themselves a priority and discover that they, too, can change their lives for the better, by becoming lighter, healthier, and so much more confident about themselves.

Belly OFF 90 Softgels That's right. With BioGenetic Laboratories, there's no more calorie-counting. No more food deprivation. No more crazy yo-yo dieting.

Belly OFF 90 Softgels By providing scientifically developed supplements (trusted by medical professionals), guidelines you can live and learn by, and balanced nutrition your body needs, BioGenetics has created diet programs that make losing weight easier and that work for you, without turning your life upside-down.