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Herbal Energy, Raspberry Lemonade, 100 Grams, From Integrated Supplements
Integrated Supplements

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  • Herbal Energy, Raspberry Lemonade, 100 Grams, From Integrated Supplements

Herbal Energy, Raspberry Lemonade, 100 Grams, From Integrated Supplements

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Herbal Energy Raspberry Lemonade Integrated Supplements Kosher 100% Natural Herbal Energy Drink Mix Raspberry Lemonade Description: Herbal Energy Raspberry Lemonade •All-Natural Herbal Energy Raspberry Lemonade •Supports Energy, and Focus Herbal Energy Raspberry Lemonade •Supports Positive Mood Herbal Energy Raspberry Lemonade •Supports Sex Drive Herbal Energy Raspberry Lemonade •Great Pre-Workout Herbal Energy Raspberry Lemonade •Less Expensive Than Other Energy Drinks or Coffee Herbal Energy Raspberry Lemonade •Tastes Great Herbal Energy Raspberry Lemonade •Micro Scoop - Perfect for Bottled Water

Herbal Energy – An All–Natural Energy Drink That Really Works! We could all use a little extra energy to get us through our hectic day. But most energy drinks simply aren’t formulated with the health-conscious person in mind. Most are either loaded with sugar, or contain artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame. Many also contain synthetic stimulants which are more apt to deplete the body rather than nourish it. But now, there’s a healthy and natural alternative – Integrated Supplements Herbal Energy.

Integrated Supplements Herbal Energy Drink Mix is a naturally-flavored and naturally-sweetened blend of invigorating and nourishing herbs such as Catuaba, Damiana, Mucuna, and Yohimbe. These herbs have been used by cultures for centuries to safely and naturally improve alertness, focus, mood, and even sexual energy and stamina. And perhaps best of all, Herbal Energy is a fraction of the cost of other energy drinks, or a cup of premium coffee.

Whether you need a quick pick-me-up at work, or the energy to power through a tough workout, you’ll quickly be convinced that there’s no energy product on the market that can compare to Herbal Energy – another breakthrough formula brought to you only by Integrated Supplements.

Herbal Energy Does What Coffee Can’t Because of its caffeine content, coffee is known worldwide as, perhaps, the quintessential "energy drink". But sometimes, even coffee drinkers want something with a little more "kick." Herbal Energy combines not only caffeine, but several other herbal sources of energizing nutrients which work synergistically to support sustained and balanced energy levels. And, unlike coffee, the taste of Herbal Energy is light, sweet, and refreshing – without the presence of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Herbal Energy Does What Other Energy Drinks Can’t Let’s face it – most energy drinks are little more than over-hyped sources of caffeine. The other "exotic" ingredients they contain probably do very little to impart an energizing effect. But Herbal Energy is different. The ingredients in Herbal Energy all work synergistically to enhance the production of important brain chemicals involved in energy, alertness, and drive. And unlike most other energy drinks, Integrated Supplements Herbal Energy tastes great. Its flavor is light, refreshing, and natural – it doesn’t have the strong medicinal/chemical taste of many other energy drinks and energy shots.

Herbal Energy Contains: Mucuna (Mucuna pruriens Extract): Mucuna pruriens is a tropical legume which has been used for hundreds of years in Ayurvedic medicine as a nervous-system tonic and aphrodisiac. It is often used to elevate mood and to enhance sexual energy. Mucuna is one of the few plant sources of l–dopa, a direct precursor to the "feel–good" brain chemical, dopamine.

Damiana Leaves (Turnera diffusa): Damiana leaves have been used traditionally to enhance energy levels, mood, and both male and female sexual health. Modern research has shown that Damiana may reduce anxiety and act as an adaptogen – a substance which improves the body’s ability to cope with stress.

Catuaba Bark (Trichilia catigua): Catuaba is a Brazilian herb which has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac, and to combat exhaustion and fatigue. Though energizing, Catuaba is also reported to calm the nerves and reduce anxiety. Modern research has shown that Catuaba may impart a mood-elevating effect through its actions on the "feel–good" brain chemical, dopamine.

Yohimbe Bark Powder (Pausinystalia yohimbe): The bark of the African Yohimbe tree has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac and energy tonic. These traditional uses are in keeping with modern research showing that substances in yohimbe may increase levels of energizing brain chemicals such as norepinephrine and dopamine. Integrated Supplements Herbal Energy contains a small (but effective) dose of whole yohimbe bark powder – not a concentrated extract of yohimbe alkaloids like some yohimbe supplements. Though some concentrated yohimbe extracts can be overly stimulatory in high doses, the small dose of whole yohimbe bark in Herbal Energy is both safe and effective, and is likely to impart a pleasant energizing effect at the recommended dose.

Natural Caffeine: Integrated Supplements Herbal Energy contains 100 milligrams of natural caffeine per serving – approximately the amount in a cup of fresh coffee.

Precision Dosing The precision scoop inside each jar of Herbal Energy makes it easy to find exactly the right dose for you. Looking for a subtle pick–me–up? A single scoop (half serving) may be all you need. Looking for serious energy to help you power through a brutal workout? Try 2 scoops (a full serving). Best of all, the small scoops are easy to pour into a standard 500ml (16.9 oz) bottle of water. Herbal Energy Raspberry Lemonade