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pHast Legs, 90 Tablets, From RockTape

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  • pHast Legs, 90 Tablets, From RockTape

pHast Legs, 90 Tablets, From RockTape

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The way pHast Legs works is pretty simple. pHast Legs uses Alka-Myte, a special blend of minerals that is the perfect alkalizing agent. pHast Legs neutralizes (alkalizes) the acidic waste and hydrogen ions that build up in your muscles during intense workouts in much the same way as baking soda takes the tang out of lemon juice. When your pH blood level is optimized, you perform better and recover quicker. Proper pH levels greatly reduce muscle burn and soreness during and after hard efforts. pHast Legs uses 2-phase technology which means its ingredients will be released twice: the first release is within 15 minutes of initial consumption, which is a great way to start a workout. The second release occurs about 1-2 hours later, which makes pHast Legs the perfect endurance sports supplement. pHast Legs is a systemic product so it's best if you use it daily. If you don't use it daily, don't worry -you should see a 5% power improvement in 7-10 days. By testing your urine each week, you'll see the effects of pHast Legs within 24 hours. You'll also start to feel better within 3-4 weeks, depending on exercise load, sleep patterns, stress and diet. My Granddad also had a head for chemistry. As a Belgian cyclist, he understood lactic acidosis and knew a way to greatly reduce its effects, so he drank water mixed with baking soda to make his blood more alkaline. This little trick was important because back in those days, diets consisted of very acidic foods: coffee, meat, grains, beer (yikes!) and pasta. Foods that alkalize the blood like veggies, fruits, seeds, and dairy were hard to get and expensive before the modern grocery store was invented. The problem with this little trick was that the baking soda concoction would cause horrible stomach problems which required frequent and lightning fast trips to the bathroom! Fast forward to today and the concept of alkalization is everywhere - the data available suggest substantial performance gains for athletes who use alkalizing agents. Fortunately for you, I've been tinkering with my Granddad's formula and we've not only mixed up the perfect alkalizing agent, but have also partnered with a company that specializes in drug delivery vehicles to create pHast Legs.